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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Kwik Sew workout wear - K690

I need ideas...I need to add something to the back...I can deal with straps,  just not the whole back of my bra.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Tie-dyed cheer outfit

Gracie's new uniform for Cheer Extreme was the inspiration for this design. Because of a rule change with USASF (the governing body for all-star cheer), athletes competing in age divisions below senior level have to have their midriffs covered (yes, the power mesh counts). Her uniform is a bodysuit with off-the-shoulder long sleeves, a solid portion under the sports bra, and an open back power mesh body suit. These things are a bit of a pain because they snap at the crotch (under the skirt with its attached boy shorts), but they look cute. The girls on the senior teams (and those that cross-over between younger teams and senior teams) can roll the mesh bodysuit up and tuck it under the sports bra.

Since sometimes Gracie likes sleeves on her practice wear in the winter, I used this design as inspiration for a three piece set.

I didn't want to do a bodysuit, but I did want sleeves that she could wear when it's cold or remove when it's warmer. Jalie 2913 is a figure skating dress that worked perfectly for this. I cropped it, and added 1/4 inch elastic at the bottom so it would stay put without being bulky to layer (which is also why the bodice is white spandex while the sleeves are white stretch velvet).

The crop top is a version of Jalie 3354, a leotard, cropped into a sports bra (view A). It is finished at the top with white FOE and a green and blue tie-dye FOE that complements the tie-dye spandex really well. I added a band of white stretch velvet (with elastic inside) at the bottom.

The two pieces layer well to make one look, while the tie-dye piece can also work on its own. (I wouldn't do the long sleeve piece separately without added the straps from the pattern.)

For the skirt, I used boy shorts from Jalie 3247 - one of my go-to patterns with the A-line skirt from Jalie 3025. Again I mixed the stretch velvet and the tie-dye spandex. (Gracie and I both are in love with this fabric combo. I love the look, and she loves the feel!)

 She did some modeling tonight while she stretched.

 The cat was not super-impressed with her outfit or her handstand, but I think she looks great.

 Sometimes she gives me attitude when I start the modeling photos - lol.

 Here's the outfit minus the long sleeve piece.

Here's the other piece of sewing inspired by the CEA uniforms - crotch snap extenders...I have made a TON of these! Otherwise, thanks to some so-so fitting on Varsity's part, many of the girls are in wedgie-land without some extra room. (They fitted the girls on a different style bodysuit with fabric that clearly had more stretch and recovery...)

After all, if you are going to do all this - whether on the competition mat or in practice, you'd better have the right outfit!

 (These pictures are from the Cheer Extreme Allstars Showcase, UCA regionals in Winston-Salem, and Cheer Extreme's X-evolution event.)

70's vintage inspired Simplicity

 The colors, the styles, the 70's! I found these fabrics at Joann's and had a good time making some bold vintage looks I can wear now (and one for this summer).

The dress is a vintage Simplicity pattern that has recently been reprinted as Simplicity 8013. You ONLY need 6 yards of the fashion fabric and a few more yards to line it with.

The plaid skirt is super simple to make from Simplicity 2184, but a bit nerve-wracking to cut and have the plaid look good on the bias.

I picked up Simplicity 1100 ( a reprint of a Super Jiffy Simplicity pattern) and saw this great fabric - all of these fabrics came from Hancock's, by the way. They have had some good stuff lately. It's a swimsuit cover-up that just wraps and ties. Can't you picture it on a California beach next summer (or by the pool here in North Carolina)?

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sew sorry I haven't been blogging!

The school year started...and things slowed down. :-(

I do, however, have a few goodies to share:

Belle - made for a teacher costume contest (because what English teacher would not want to be Belle! She's the reading princess!)

The jumper is Vogue 8723 (lengthened) and the blouse McCall's 7184. The hair bow and apron were my own design. I wore the blouse on its own with a different skirt a few days later.

Gracie wanted to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween, but more specifically an all-star cheer version of Minnie Mouse! This one was done with Jalie's new "Anne" pattern. I added a back to the skirt and the shorts attached underneath are all black. The sheer parts are powermesh - just like her new cheer uniform.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Dressy summer

Vogue 1449 - Rebecca Taylor dress

I made this in a scuba knit from Joann's. I love me some scuba knit! It sews up with body and is flattering to wear.

 This is Vogue 1448, a great design by DKNY. The fabric was also purchased at Joann's and has a rainbow ombre effect to it. With 4 yards I had enough to cut this (on the cross grain which the pattern requires and works well with this fabric). For an FBA, I added an inch to the overlapping wrap in the front. I also hand-tacked the bodice so it won't gape open if I move. Finally, the side zip is finished so that it is a true side open with no hook at the top - has a finished underarm seam instead.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Summer dressy casual

I decided to sew up Vogue 8553 for myself out of this lovely ITY print and a plain cream ITY contrast. It was easy to sew and flattering to wear. For an FBA, all it really needs is a little length!

 I found this great giraffe print fabric at a store in Wilmington, NC while on a business trip in March and finally got around to making it up. I used a tan and cream check for the contrast portions of the pattern.

My giraffe fan LOVES his new shirt!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Spring wardrobe updates & why I have been almost too busy to sew!

 Here's our Easter pictures - it was a little chilly, but warmed up some by the time church was over. My mom's dress was also a new spring wardrobe addition!
  My silly kids!
Gracie's 8th birthday was a few days after Easter, and her special gift from mom was a new practice set for cheer. She wanted a theme of "This girl is on fire." and decided on the teal & blue flames on the red/pink/orange outfit. This is sewn from my TNT Jalie patterns. I made a bow to match and used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the heat-set vinyl for the bow's embellishments. She wore the outfit to practice on her birthday and her teammates sang to her before she shared cupcakes - just a few days later, they were on fire at The ONE Cheer and Dance Finals in Virginia Beach. Cheer Extreme Allstars - Sanford's Youth Level 1 team Courage won their division and will be competing for the championship rings in a virtual final on May 16th. They beat 8 teams to get the paid bid to The ONE, and won The ONE - East (Va. Beach). Can they do it???

A little tumbling action!

Here's my beautiful girl on the beach after competing day one. We also did team photos - so cool!

With our weekend in Virginia Beach, there was no sewing time, and the next weekend didn't bring me any closer to my machines - her last competition was the  American Championship next week in Myrtle Beach!

I finally was able to get back to some project I had cut at the beginning of the month. I finished Simplicity 1382 for Gracie - love the heart cut-out in the back!

I also used this pretty teal/green ITY knit fabric to make a nice top for myself from Jalie 2806.
 Next up was Butterick 5980 - a special teal frock for her end-of-the-season cheer banquet plus church. I made it with washable formal fabrics. The butterfly fabric is sheer and layers onto the teal crepe. It's lined with a lighter teal lining and a teal tulle crinoline attached to the lining.

I had to subtract about 4 inches around the bodice to fit her since she is so tiny around.

Gracie shows off her certificate for "Most Improved" on her team - so proud of how hard she works at her sport!

Here's something I didn't make - she EARNED! Gracie and her teammates got their national champion jackets for The ONE the day after the banquet!
 I also finished up two tops - a simple striped top from Ottobre 1/2014 #28 and a McCall's 7114 top embellished with a beautiful embroidery from Urban Threads. The striped top was trimmed with "Frozen" fold-over elastic - she wore it to the Disney Store grand (re) opening today!

 A close-up view of the embroidery!

At the moment, I am facing a variety of potential projects, but if anyone reading this sews for a younger or smaller girl than my daughter, check out my Etsy shop - MAJOR pattern de-stash there with some fantastic deals!