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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm back! And I've been busy...

After spending five days out of town, I was pleased to hit a few fabric stores as I passed through the Charlotte area and pick up my machine from Elegant Stitches this morning.
I put the machine to good use this afternoon and finished TWO dresses for Miss Gracie!

The first is Butterick 4718, which I made in this beautiful delphinium print I purchased at Waechter's Fine Fabrics in Asheville. The ribbon was a find at Elegant Stitches today.

I then sewed together New Look 6016. I had done the applique (from last weekend, but hadn't done anything else. I've got three more cut projects that just may get finished this weekend.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Now for a little something different...

I'm at a work-related retreat this week, so I am not doing any sewing, serging, or embroidering. I did, however, pick up some embroidery floss and 28ct even-weave cloth so I can revisit one of my 1990's pastimes: counted cross-stitch.

I bought this pattern a couple of years ago. I think the image is beautiful, and I can re-work the name part so I can include all four of my children's names.

I also got a chance to visit Waechter's Fine Fabrics in Asheville, NC - beautiful as always. If you haven't heard of them, visit the link on my sidebar. They have loads of lovely eye candy and a nice sale going on right now, too.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Simplicity Wish List - and a beef with Joann's

I went to Joann's today since Simplicity patterns were 5 for $5 and new patterns have just been released...but not put out at JOANN'S. Dang it!!! Here's what I was hoping to get:

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I found some gorgeous velour fabric at FabricMart a few months ago and decided it would be perfect to make into a robe for my mom. She likes those really long, zipper front, housecoat-type robes, and velour was the perfect fabric for it.

I didn't have the right pattern in my stash, so I decided to Frankenpattern this:

It's an out-of-print McCall's (5589) with a tucked, loose-fitting bodice. I had purchased it early in my sewing experience thinking it would be very easy to make fit. In fact, I ended up not ever making it because I realized it would be unflatteringly big. So, it languished in my stash.

Fast-forward to this project: it occurred to be that this would be an excellent shape for the type of robe my mom likes. I lengthened view B by about 24 inches (using the lengthen/shorten line). The sleeves on the pattern have tucks , but it made the pieces exceptionally large for the remaining fabric (I had 3 yards of the velour.) so I tucked the pattern piece and used that to transfer the registration marks and draft a new long sleeve pattern.

I followed the directions for construction, altering as needed to include a 30 inch robe zipper closing the body of the robe. It ended up being a slightly more stylish robe than some of the old lady style robes my mom likes. (Sorry, mom!)

I used up almost all of this wild print, but I did have enough left to make a pair of pajamas for little Gracie's doll.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Slow progress - very frustrating

I sewed up one pattern storage bag today. It took all of 20 minutes after I got the serger rethreaded. I was about to fuss at someone for cutting my serger threads, but then I caught the culprit - my tabby cat Molly. Naughty! This is a new activity for her, but you can bet I'll be keeping the cover on the machine from now on.

Then I got sucked into a Lego project and ended up building this: Luke Skywalker's X-Wing fighter

Then we had Pinewood Derby which I know the kids love, but I was not so into.

I got my order from Colette Patterns - Negroni, Macaroon, and Crepe. I can't wait to make all of them, but I am so behind on the projects I have half-done, want to do, and just want to think about doing!


At least I got this cute little dress finished and reviewed:

It's Isabella by Children's Corner with a fishie from Designs by Juju embroidered on the Fabric Finders print.

Friday, February 4, 2011

I want to be a kid again and have myself for a mommy.

This is what I have made for my boys:
They have a twin over full bed. There is an additional twin bed in the other part of their room, so when they share that lower bunk, it is by choice.

When I saw this fun striped fabric at Ikea, I decided to buy it for the purpose of making a bed tent. It comes in 3 yard pieces for $9 - great deal when you need almost 9 yards which is what I ended up using. The yellow ties are from a piece of el cheapo yellow woven I got at an outlet. So, for about $20, my kids have a super fun hiding space.
I added ribbon loops and sandwiches of Velcro to hold the flaps open, but the kids seem to like it best closed. I know that would have been my preference as a kid. Gracie likes to play in it, too.

Gracie's new bed finally arrived. (We ordered it on Black Friday - a two month wait.) Once she's had a little time to get used to keeping her toys neat in the area underneath it, I have fabric to make a tent for this bed so it will be like a little playhouse under there.