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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa brought Mommy a sewing project - storage bag for a Mobigo

Gracie got a V-Tech Mobigo for Christmas, which means Mommy got a sewing project! I knew she would need a place to keep it as well as store her games. Plus, like many four year olds, she doesn't have the art of organization perfected yet. She needs a little help. Enter Simplicity 3531! 

This pattern is for 3 sizes of drawstring bags and all of the ones on the pattern were embellished to a degree and made with cute fabrics so it was easy to envision this as a Gracie project. I chose pink and white dots and a floral contrast fabric and stitched out this cute design on the front. I took some of the bias tubing I used for the drawstrings and made a leash (long enough to be a weird necklace) for all 6 of the cartridges she got. The cartridges all have a small hole in the top that is perfect for this sort of purpose. (That girl got lucky that I hit a BOGO sale on those at Toys R Us last month.)

Gracie can wear this like a cross-body bag as well as use it to store the Mobigo, game cartridges, and anything else - like perhaps a pair of headphones...some of the game sounds are a bit annoying.
This was a really quick project - about two hours including a 45 minute stitch-out on my embroidery machine. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a kid's game system to wrangle. It could be made in a more masculine fabric for a boy if needed.

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