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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back to school sewing has begun!

 I'm trying to get started on some back to school outfits for my first grader. Since it stays warm for quite a bit of the school year here, I'm not rush to go for the long sleeves, but I do have a couple complete.

So far, I have made McCall's 6313 in the view B tunic/short jumper out of some really fun prints I got at the sewing expo last year.

The elastic in back helps this fit very well.

 I also stitched up the Sew Sensible Twirl Skort which will be a pretty and practical addition to her school wardrobe. I love these coordinating fabrics!

Gracie has to insert the requisite "cute" pose...

From the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love, I made up the Imke shirt, complete with pointed hood. She picked out the fabrics for this. I love that Bambi print!

This t-shirt (with applique from Stitch In Time) is from McCall's 6642. I messed up matching the stripes from front to back, but it's still cute.

Finally, I knocked out a quick t-shirt for myself in a wonderfully soft rayon from Joann's. The pattern is Ottobre 2/2011 #1 Trento t-shirt. I finished the neck with a self band of fabric and hemmed the sleeves. This is a nice shirt for casual wear or for work.

I have one more cut project to tackle - a Vogue Marci Tilton knit dress (V8904). I used two different pink stripe knits...crossing my fingers that this will work out well. Of course, since the first grader is hungry, it's time to think about food instead of least I got two of the four out of the house for a few days of robotics camp.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Advanced gymnastics (sewing)

My little Gracie moved up to the advanced girls class at the gym, so I decided to make her another leotard. These things are nice quick gratification projects and when she outgrows them, I can turn around and sell them at the gym. In fact, I left with a handful of cash just yesterday after selling some of the ones from last year.

I've had a bit of a love affair with this material lately:

First I made Simplicity 1622, and I had a small remnant leftover.

Then I decided since it was an appropriate amount of stretchy, it would work for a Jalie 3247 sports bra for Gracie to wear to tumbling. (The black shorts with silver front band were a sale find at Old Navy a few weeks ago.)

I still had extra fabric, so I though it would be cute to make her a matching doll outfit. This is from Simplicity 4654, a doll wardrobe pattern for American Girl/18" dolls and I cute the top 3/4 inch shorter and tightened up the side seams on the shorts to make it fit like a tumbling outfit. Of course, since it is stretchy (and the top has back velcro), it is still easy to get on and off.

Then, since I STILL had fabric, I thought about using it in a leotard. I realized that the print would be perfect for the butterfly appliques found as an option on the Jalie 3138 pattern. There are four of each size which I cut and then experimented with placing. Since she is small, it worked out best to use the three smaller ones on the front and the large one on the back. Since you have four sizes, you have a lot of creative options with this.

The appliques are stitched with a narrow, yet fairly tight, zig zag stitch. I tried not to pull either fabric much which stitching and that seemed to keep it laying nicely. I also wanted her to have matching shorts (also Jalie 3247) and made these purple ones using the contrast waistband option. She can mix and match the shorts for tumbling at the cheer gym with the sports bra top or at gymnastics with the leotard.

Of course, I still have MORE of the print fabric, so her other doll might be getting something to wear...I don't know why I like working with this so much, but I just do.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New York City sewing loot

I had some much fun shopping for fabric in NYC! Here's the haul:

The navy print is a stretch woven and the plaid is a lovely rayon acrylic suiting. The chevron/stripe is a lace, and the rest are knits. I also picked up some ribbon, neon ribbed trim, and four issues of La Mia Boutique.

I also have one completed pattern to share - Vogue 8534. This one is quick and cute. 
Now, that I have my most recent projects all finished, it will be time to begin some fall sewing. Gracie has already eyed up some favorites she wants me to make, and of course, these lovelies will be calling my name as well.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A little sewing, a good bit of traveling...

I have a few projects to share since my last post, but my biggest project was a trip to DC/PA/NYC.

This car organizer is from Simplicity 2553 - I had it cut and interfaced, but did not get it made before we left on July 4th. Oh well...

Gracie got another Jalie 3247 sports bra. I made it from fabric leftover from a top I made and wore on the trip.

This is Simplicity 1622 - I am definitely making another one - probably with 3/4 sleeves - to wear in the fall. I wore this on a day that included a visit to the American Girl store on 5th Avenue, the United Nations (that's me in the room where the UN Security Council meets), and at the Fashion Institute of Technology museum (which was awesome, but you can't take pictures inside there).

I also wore another recent project - the Rock-n-Roll top - to some famous NYC sites. Among other destinations, we went to the Empire State Building and I got to shop at some of the wonderful NYC fabric stores in the garment district (thank you, Peter from, for great suggestions) where I ran into Gertie (she of the lovely pink tresses and awesome blog!). I even got to Around the World magazine shop and picked up four issues of La Mia Boutique. Of course, even my husband understood that going to Mood was a requirement.

We also visited my alma mater, Hosftra University, which is on Long Island. That was a lot of fun. I can't believe it has actually been 20 years since I graduated.
Our NYC visit would not have been complete without taking the kids to the 9/11 Memorial and the Statue of Liberty. I wore one of my recent knit top projects, and of course, I dressed Miss Grace in the Hello Kitty/Statue of Liberty ensemble. She was adorable!

While we were on our way to visit family in PA (and subsequently venture off for a few days in the Big Apple), we stopped in Washington, DC. We toured the Capitol and the Library of Congress. That is a great place to be on the 4th of July! 

We also hit DC on the way back home. Jamie wanted to see the National Cathedral after studying about it in a summer program for gifted students. 

Before we left, I did finish one other project - Vogue 8902. I used one of my favorite fabrics - ponte knit and color-blocked the waist inserts. It is lined with a pretty fuchsia print. The lining took a LOT of hand-sewing, but it turned out really nice. 

I also had Colette Patterns' Laurel top cut and ready to sew before vacation. I sewed this one up in about an hour tonight. The print ended up with an odd placement, but I prefer that circle thing to look like a belly button rather than a nip!
I have one more top to sew and then it's on to the NYC fabrics. (I'll have to take some pics and share them here - got some pretty stuff!) 

It also looks like the girl wants to learn to sew. I let her do a little stitching on some scrap fabric and she wants to sew now!