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Monday, September 9, 2013

McCall's 6532 - made as a cheer bag for Gracie

My little girl LOVES cheerleading and gymnastics and goes to the cheer gym and the gymnastics facility 3 times a week - almost always now straight from school since she walks up to the middle school where I teach and we leave from there. She needed a good place to put her stuff, and this one should serve her well for a good long while.

The bag is made from McCall's 6532 and it has a lot of interfacing! The outside pieces (of the taco shape) are interfaced with Peltex on the outside layer and fusible fleece on the inside layer. There are two pockets on the outside - one velcroed, one zippered. Inside there are additional pockets just right for stashing a hairbrush and some cheer bows (including the bright neon orange one she earned for getting her back walk-over!). The Peltx gives the bag a lot of structure but it is still lightweight.

The pattern looks like a purse sized bag, but it is really a zippered tote. It's a good size bag (even for a grown woman...this is a six year old who is carrying it). I think it would work well as a gym bag for any number of sports.

I used black twill for the bottom an
d added an embroidery and ribbon embellishment to the velcro pocket. I used a raggy applique and chevron print for the cheer monogram on the side with the zippered pocket.

This bag is kind of a beast to sew thanks to all the peltex, but I love how the finished product came out and more importantly so does Gracie.