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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas gift sewing

Merry Christmas from my family to yours! Here are my four kids doing "reindeer antlers" with their stockings (made in 2010) before the present-opening began.

They are getting bigger and wanting more things that require charging cables or trips to stores which sell name-brand items they covet, and yes, I do indulge. I know nothing makes a teen feel more individual than wearing the same brand all of his peers Don't even get me started on Justice, but at least Gracie still loves mama-made items, too. She really liked the Frozen costumes for her American Girl dolls.

I used Simplicity S0747 to sew all four Frozen costumes. Honestly, this pattern was kind of a beast to sew. (See my Pattern Review for the gory details.) So many different fabrics, so many trims, so many details...but so darn cute!

I used fabric left from her Halloween costume to make Elsa's blue dress, but substituted white mesh for the sleeves and yoke because the pattern needed a stretch knit the costume did not.

Anna's blue outfit was pretty complicated, but doing the nordic pattern on the vest and skirt with fabric paint was a little less annoying than trying to heat-n-bond the appliques. I added a pair of black felt boots from McCall's 6480 which I embellished with gold fabric paint.

Of course, I had to make the coronation outfits as well, and they were just as much of a pain to create, but also adorable when complete. I added a hair accessory for Anna of my own design.

Since I was making these, I had to get her a big cuddly Olaf to go with the dolls' outfits, too.

The other outfit I made for Gracie's dolls was a version of Gracie's cheer uniform. There was a super-expensive official uniform replica I could have bought, but that was insane (money-wise). I bought her a beautiful blinged-out warm-up jacket...not happening for a doll. Still, this was also a hit and will probably come with her to competitions so she can stunt with her doll like some of the other little girls on her team do when it's down time.

Here's some gratuitous cute pictures of my doll baby doing her thing! The stunt picture was from UCA Smoky Mountain Christmas championship in Seiverville, TN, and the other pic of her on the mat was from Champion Cup Nationals Holiday Cheers to You in Raleigh, NC. We've been busy!
 I used Butterick 3329 as the base pattern for this outfit and traced the skating costume (view H) onto tissue paper. I skipped the collar and cropped the outfit into the top and spankies under the skirt. The skirt is a simple A-line I drafted to fit with the spankies and pull on as one unit (which is how the real thing works for all-star cheer). I sewed together the pieces of the top and then embellished it while flat and cropped the neckline to match the asymmetrical design of the real uniform. I even added heat-set rhinestones (because I wanted to try it and now know what a pain in the butt those things are). I made a doll-sized cheer bow because they are THE accessory for cheerleaders, and I purchased a little pair of all-white doll sneakers (luckily $6 with free shipping from Amazon Prime). I honestly can't wait to get some pictures of her with it when she is dressed for her next competition.

 This is a My American Girl doll that matches Gracie pretty closely - if she had brown eyes, she'd really be a doppelganger. Gracie named her Little Gracie. Her nine year old brother calls her Chucky because he finds her creepy. This doll can get big cheer hair with no hair spray...wish it was that easy for the real Gracie.
For my mom, I purchased 3.5 yards of this beautiful fabric when we were out shopping and she admired it. She didn't know she'd find it wrapped and ready for her to pick a pattern for it as a Christmas present. She wants a short sleeve spring dress - we will work on this one in a month or two.
 So, here's my newest crafting obsession - my new Silhouette Cameo 2 die-cutter. It is a super-sweet! I can't wait to try heat-transfer vinyl as well as lots of scrapbooking applications and adhesive vinyl.

I did my first adhesive vinyl project tonight and embellished this navy chevron plastic basket (purchased at Lowe's Home Improvement). This thing is going to be so much fun!

I'm not sure what my next big sewing project will be, but stay tuned!