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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Self-stitched September - the wrap-up

I know some bloggers posted pictures of their daily self-stitched items, but you are going to have to trust me. I did it - wore something I made every day. The best part is that it wasn't even difficult to do. It's been really fun to realize how much my sewing has taken over my wardrobe (in a good way!).

As we move into October, I have some fun projects on the horizon:

Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Obi-Wan Kenobi plus a fancy princess will be in the works for Halloween.

I have a dupioni silk dress and silk velvet jacket planned for my 20th HS reunion outfit, plus I have a couple of other stylish pieces ready to sew.

Of course, there will be some more embroidery coming now that I have the Deco.

Happy sewing, y'all!

Monday, September 27, 2010

New Vogues!

There are some pretty offerings in the new Vogues!

This Kay Unger dress is very stylish:

I like the sleeve treatment on this, but I would have to raise the back or I'd have bra issues.
This Rachel Comey design is really cute and fresh.
Fun design here by Alice + Olivia, but I don't see myself wearing both pieces together. They are both really cute, though.
I like the shape of these knit dresses. I would like to wear these to work.

This is a nice basic structured shirt.

I like the princess seams on this top.

This pattern is by kAtheRine Tilton. I am assuming some relation to Marci Tilton. I like the hem. It's a nice change from the severe asymmetric hems I have seen on other designs.

I love the shape of the jacket and the dress on this pattern.
I like the shape on the coats - esp. the shorter one.

So many cute designs, but the one on the left here gets the WTF award for that hem.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My new baby

I have a new arrival...a Bernina Deco 340 embroidery machine. I got an awesome deal on one that was barely used (even has a brand new warranty). I am loving it.I haven't had a chance to do too much yet, but I was able to bring it home yesterday and almost immediately stitch out a design on a test piece of muslin that was in the hoop from the store. I've tried a couple of monograms, too, but I haven't started any major finished items.

I'll be adding machine embroidery resources as I discover which ones I like best.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fabric Serendipity

Don't you love it when you find the perfect fabric for a project? I found this adorable top for Gracie at a Carter's outlet - $6. I knew I had to get it because we have our sweet black kitty Winston (whom I have caught enjoying his new kitty bed!). Plus, I think it's Halloween-ish without being too Halloween.

Then, I found the perfect (or should I go there and say PURRfect) fabric to go with it; this Alexander Henry print. I picked up a yard intending to make a skirt, but not sure what pattern I want to use. It isn't hard to find a skirt pattern for a 3 year old that uses that yardage, but this one jumped out at me for the clever knit waistband. Plus, I had this gray and black Michael Miller striped knit that looks great with it. Add in mini pompom trim and it was complete in under an hour.
I think Gracie and Winston love it! Isn't she a sweetie pie giving that big fella a hug? He weighed more than her until about a year ago - he's 23 lbs of furry mayhem.

I like how this pattern came together so much that I think I want to do up another version of it.

Since this only took an hour, I had plenty of time to sew up a little something for me: This is Vogue 8650. A number of reviewers had problems with the neckline, but I just adjusted the pleats so it would end up the right size for me - easy! I like the style and I have a similar Butterick pattern sized for knits.

BTW - The white fluffball under my hand is Skippy. He's not as big as that butterball Winston, but he's a sweetheart, too.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New New Look, but a lot of same old, same old

Am I just getting too picking? This was the only pattern out of the newly release autumn/winter New Look patterns that actually held my interest:

I like the hoodie dress. I think that would be super cute as a cover-up for the beach or  pool or just a casual hanging out at home outfit.

I want to see more stuff that is unique. I really love this Butterick dress I just sewed up last night:
I honestly think the dress looks better in person. My husband didn't get the most flattering angle of me, but I was in a hurry to get the picture before we all had to leave for work and school. How cool are those sleeves? I got a lot of compliments on this dress today. It rocks and I feel confident in it. I want more patterns like this - with great details; less repeats of everyone else and previous patterns.

I have a skirt ready to be hemmed and a knit top ready to sew. I stayed up too late finishing this dress yesterday, but I figure I have plenty of self-stitched goodies to wear to work tomorrow, anyway.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

More SSS and a new project in the works

For Self-stitched Sept., I have been rocking the skirts (Ottobre on Weds., a Burda creation on Thursday) and this cute new Vogue skirt on Friday). The skirt in the picture is the Rachel Comey pattern I referenced a few posts ago. I made it from a lovely stretch denim and paired it with a Burda top I made last month.

As for SSS today, well, I sleep in a collection of  knit nighties that I have made from various patterns, so that will be today's item - bumming around in some old clothes while I sew and clean a little.

For my next project...kitty bed! I'm attempting view B for the Pet-sewing challenge on Pattern Review. The kitty on that bed even looks like my pretty Skippy! (He's the white one attacking the black one, Winston, and the tabby cat is Molly.)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Self-stitched September

Like quite a few other bloggers, I've taken the Self-stitched September challenge. Today, I wore one of my favorite Ottobre skirts to work, and of course, I'm carrying that awesome new bag. Maybe this will be the impetus I need to get busy on some more personal clothing projects.