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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Llama, llama, made by Gracie and mama!

These adorable llamas were made from Simplicity 8441. Gracie wanted to try making something to enter into the Lee Regional Fair, so she and I made these sew-a-long style. I made the pink llama and after every step, she copied me on the teal llama. They turned out so fuzzy and cute.
We haven't been to the fair yet to see how they did, but we'll update when we do!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Another batch of cheer gear

I love Jalie patterns! They have the best activewear patterns and their size range is without par. I revisited several old favorites, but I also tried out a new pattern - Isabelle leggings. I really like these and I thing I will attempt a pair for myself at some point.

This turned into a mix and match collection. I wanted her to be able to keep wearing pieces that she has where she outgrew half a set, plus just have some variety.

After all, she's at the cheer gym 4 times a week, soon to be 5 as the competition season approaches.

Of course, she loves it! She's been busting her behind working on her skills this summer and has even attempted her round off back handspring back tuck on the floor (it's still a work in progress).

She already has a tie-dye print sports bra, but the coordinating skort was a bit small after a year and a half. I still have more of this beautiful print!. The last set was squeezed out of some of the Loungletics fabric from Joann's that I had leftover from a pair of leggings I made myself.

I decided to attempt a different finish with a colored elastic waistband and bra band. I will definitely do this again.