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Friday, June 29, 2012

For the love of giraffes

I made this Kwik Sew dress (3758) with some adorable animal fabric I got at the Sewing Expo and a heat transferred rhinestone giraffe on the knit bodice.

I do love giraffes, but I came to appreciate them because one of my children LOVES giraffes. Can you guess which one? ;-)

We walked a few miles in 100 degree heat, but luckily there is enough shade at the NC Zoo to make it somewhat bearable. Plus, it was cool to see the giraffe who is due to give birth any day - we can't wait to go back and see baby giraffe, plus I know what I will wear (Benjamin, too!)

And here's a gratuitous shot of my youngest two - funniest pic of the day - Benjamin getting tested out as a zebra snack. He fits!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

First project on the new machine & a new leo for Gracie

Molly inspects the "Sewing Catty' organizer and pincushion that my mom made with the new Project Runway sewing machine. I think it turned out pretty cute and we had fun testing out the machine.

I sewed along on my machine (mostly) and this is my version of the project:

There are two weight pouches inside the bottom of the "catty" to keep it upright when you put supplies in the pockets.
The fabrics are coordinates from "Calypso" by Maywood Studios. This is a really pretty line. I still have a lot left, so this fabric will get some use for Gracie most likely.

Winston didn't have much interest in the mouse pincushion - just as well - but then I didn't stuff it with catnip!

Last night I sewed up a leotard for Gracie (cheating and using a swimsuit pattern from the 3/2011 Ottobre). It was the right cut for a leo, so why not?

I cut it one size larger than her usual size so she'd have some growth room. It's slightly baggy in the behind, but not too bad.

She is loving gymnastics and the first leo I made her this winter is actually getting too small - I think she had a little growth spurt! Of course, that will be perfect for Disney - making her just tall enough to ride the 44" req. rides (which is almost everything...). She's super excited about that!

Tonight, I am taking the new machine over to my mom's house and we will try out the embroidery setting. That should be fun.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

London Calling - Is Sewing an Olympic event?

I wish it was...this dress would be my gold medal effort!

It is Farbenmix "Ventura" and it has some fun design elements. I liked the curved hem of the skirt.

Plus, this lent itself very well to mixing fabrics (if you have seen my work, you know I love that!) and adding embellishments.

I went nuts with the embroidery machine with this one: I got the "London Calling" double-decker bus, and crown appliques/embroidery from - the tiny Tinkerbell silhouette was stitched out in metallic gold from Frou Frou by Heather Sue and the Olympic rings were a free download. Mickey Mouse with the Epcot balloons came from a seller on Facebook. 

For the back, I added to bias loops to feed the halter straps through. I figured that would make it more comfortable for her.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

OMG! I won the Super Grand Prize!!

I attended the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Raleigh, NC this past Thursday (and again on Saturday). It was a pretty nice show. I enjoyed some good shopping, meeting lots of other fabric-happy people, classes...and an amazing amount of luck.

When they see "must be present to win," that is what they mean! They did the "Super Grand Prize" drawing first near the end of the show on Thursday (there was one each day), and the first three names they called belonged to people who had left. Oh well...because the 4th name called was MINE!

I will admit that I screamed "That's me!" and jumped up like some fool on "The Price Is Right" being told to "Come on down!"

I won a Brother LB-6800 (a limited edition Project Runway sewing & embroidery machine). It even comes with this nice rolling tote bag. That is particularly handy since this will be my back-up machine and it will mostly live at my mom's house. My mom has wanted to get back into sewing and was going to get her older (late 90's) Singer tuned up, but this is way better. I'm happy to let her have custody of it.

I went back to the show on Saturday as an ambassador and got to sit in on an interesting class with Cynthia Guffey and meet a couple of lovely ladies who read my blog (and made me feel like a rock star - thank you!!).

I did some more shopping on Saturday. I'd share a picture, but I don't want to set up that show while everybody in my house is watching...might disturb the husband! I'll just share a taste - what I picked up on Thursday (Saturday was waaay more impressive).

After the show on Thursday, I managed to finish up the video slide show for VBS, a shirt for Jamie, and Gracie's "Brave" outfit. Just in time - we went to the movie on Friday - loved it!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Give a cheer for Minnie!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Gracie LOVES cheerleading and she LOVES Minnie Mouse, so this outfit was a no-brainer for our upcoming Disney trip!

The top is from Simplicity 4040. I cut a size 6 for length, but had to take about 3 inches out of it to get a decent fit around. The black briefs are also from the same pattern - cut on a size 4 and lengthed at the waist to account for her height.

The skirt is McCall's 2849 (OOP, but easy to find on Etsy/eBay) - this also runs BIG. I had a 5-6 and shortened the skirt by an inch prior to cutting. I also had to take it in my almost 7 inches at the waist. Luckily, it was very easy to do by removing and equal amount from each panel tapered from the waist to the pleat inserts. Instead of interfacing the waistband, I lined it with one inch elastic only slightly stretched. It stays up without pinching and gives the skirt shape at the waist. I also substituted velcro for hook/eye closures above the back zipper on the skirt.

The applique is actually two layered and stitched out on felt.

After our photo shoot, she didn't even want to take the outfit off - win for Mommy!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

For the boys

I will admit that I love to sew for my daughter and myself. Girly things are so fun! However, I cannot leave out my boys - even the really big one!

I used Simplicity 5581 to make both these cargo shorts and the Mickey shirt my husband is wearing in the picture below.

I think they were all a little impatient since I wanted a picture right after we had been swimming, but I was excited to finally have these done!

I think the Mickey faces on each shirt suit their personalities. ;-)

Now that these projects are done, my next projects include an outfit for Gracie (and maybe a shirt for Benjamin) relating to the new Disney-Pixar movie "Brave" opening next week. I am also hoping to tie-dye some tee shirts for matching character shirts for the whole family and I have a London/Epcot/Olympic-themed outfit planned for Gracie that I think will be really cute.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Disney Delights

The school year is winding down and in between the mayhem of standardized testing and end-of-year stuff, I have managed to squeeze in a few things for our upcoming Disney adventure.

I have stitched out shirts for my husband and me. I also made some pirate and Star Wars items for the boys.

and Mickey shirts in progress for boys and dad! 
 of course, some character work for Miss Gracie
and lest you think Benjamin is unrepresented:

2 1/2 more days and then my sewing time will increase! Woohoo!