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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Awesome accessories for dolls and little girls

Kwik Sew 3909 - dolly sleeping bag and carrier

I skipped the girl sized sleeping bag since she just got a big fluffy one from Justice. Here's her American Girl doll taking it for a test drive before we dressed her up for the cheer competition.

Gracie's gym competed at All-Star Challenge "Clash of the Titans" in Raleigh, NC this weekend. Her team placed 3rd in their division - not bad at all for a National competition!

Of course, we get plenty of doll stunting with Gracie's team while they wait to go warm-up.

 They also had a shopping area with t-shirts and such (I caved - one shirt for me and two shirts and a hoodie for her) and big cheer bows. I did not cave on the bows! I used that as motivation to figure out how to cut heat transfer vinyl better.

 Grandma came along on the second day of competition!
 My girl and her teammates rocked the mat!
 Of course, there was more doll stunting while we killed time before awards Sunday.

 Since the competition, we got in one more practice (getting ready for The ONE National Championship next month), but got slapped with a snow day today (and a big whopping storm coming at us tomorrow night). It has been time to finish up the second project from the pattern.
 This carrier wasn't too bad to make since I used Peltex but cut the interfacing to not cover the seam allowances. (I finally got smart about this miserable stuff!)

Gracie likes the secret pocket in the carrier. She also likes that she can carry it like a papoose on her back!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ready for Hillary

Gracie is doing a presentation on Hillary Clinton for 2nd grade social studies, and one of the things the kids could do for a visual is dress up. Of course, I had to style her in a Hillary-worthy pantsuit.

I used some leftover boucle from a jacket I made a few years ago and lined it with ivory Ambience. The pattern is New Look 6506.

We added a plain long sleeve t-shirt, black pants, and her dressy black flats. Of course, we accessorized with a statement necklace, a flag pin, and a headband.

She did a really neat Prezi (with just a little technical help, but she had it figured out by the end!) and is all ready to present her project once the snow/ice days are over.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Flippin Cute

Ta-da! Here's a group of cuties from Dancexpress in Staten Island, NY wearing Flippin' Cute! They look ready to win their competition.

Here's my cutie (wearing Flippin' Cute along with her Justice #sparkle sweatpants) working her round-off back handsprings with one of the big girls that she really admires from the gym. She was really proud of herself!

I'm glad she got to tumble yesterday, because today North Carolina is a sheet of ice!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cheer biz...

 Since we did the Frozen cheer outfit in the fall, the idea of other Disney-inspired cheer/dance items has been on the burner. For this outfit, I did a mash-up of Jalie patterns - 3023 for the top (shortened), Jalie 3023 for the skirt, mixed with Jalie 3247 for the attached shorts.

The seashells are appliqued with a layer of spandex spacer foam under the metallic spandex. It gives it a neat, 3-D effect - a little clam shell texture.
 I like the way the top binding and straps are all on application - came out very professional-looking. They are also set it far enough to not slip when tumbling.
 The skirt's mermaid scale texture fabric is actually a soft spandex with a little bit of body to it.
Gracie is totally ready to tumble and stunt in this outfit! I am also offering this for sale in my Etsy shop (Flippin Cute - linked at the top right of my page).

This wasn't the only outfit I made her this week. I also messed with another pair of Jalie 3247 shorts and shortened the Jalie 3136 leotard to a cap-sleeve crop top.

 Lookin' Fierce - I used my Silhouette electronic cutter to cut the heat-transfer material for the lettering as well as the figure on the shorts.
 In action - working on her jumps
 Practicing an arabesque

I can't believe I was able to take these outside in early February - gotta love North Carolina!