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Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Dresses!

All done with several days to spare!

Gracie is wearing Simplicity 1212 in a lovely cotton print.

She is moving into the big girl sizes now. She needs an 8 for length, but narrowed down for fit.

 Of course, no outfit is complete without fantastic shoes.

My dress is Vogue 1421, a sleeveless A-line style with interesting seams. I made it up in a stretch sateen print.

 This is what happens when I do joking "sexy" poses with the husband behind the

Finally, I had enough time to go ahead and knock out Simplicity 1458 for my mom - her pattern choice to go with the fabric I bought (because she really loved it). It's an Amazing Fit pattern and I think it loved up to its name.

 Happy Easter!