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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What my husband thinks I should sew

Why yes, that is an R2D2 skirt he found from a Facebook post a friend of his made. I guess if one were attending ComicCon or something of that ilk...

He's also sent me this link. He's nuts if he thinks I would wear the teal number let alone spend my time making something like that. Maybe pre-kids, but that's a loooong time ago!

Then, there is the third image he has sent me as a possible project...while I might enjoy the technical challenge, this one isn't happening either.

Maybe I need to convince him he needs to learn to sew if this stuff is his style. ;-) Silly husband!

I do have to say that he does seem to like the stuff I make to wear, but I do have to giggle over these selections.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

New patterns (Mc) Callin' my name...

The summer McCall's patterns are online and quite a few have caught my eye!

I like the interesting color-blocking options on M6559, but I see this as working best for me in a shorter version than the maxi-length.

M6563 is a lovely drapey knit top - another cute color-blocking option here, too.

Cute t-shirt options from M6566 - these would be fun to embroider or applique on for our Disney trip.

I like the cute knit top options in M6565 - looks like these would need minimal FBA action.

I could sew for both Benjamin and Gracie off M6540 - love everything on this pattern.

There are some stylish outfits for little girls in M6542.

M6543 would be lovely with a smocked insert piece - has the perfect bodice for it.

I think it is pretty neat that they have a pattern to take advantage of the cute ruffled fabrics available now. M6547 is on my shopping list!

Boy pattern alert! M6548 even ventures into color-blocked shorts - awesome!

I like the structured bags of M6579 - these would look great monogrammed.

Sun hats and cute bags - M6577 is a perfect summer sewing pattern.

All I need now is a 99cent pattern sale! Joann's? Hancock's? Hobby Lobby? Who will it be?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spreading a little love

Stacie from Stacie Thinks She Can left me a little sunshine, so I will pay it forward.

favorite color:  coral pink, but I love warm brights in general

favorite animal: my 3 cats

favorite number: 13

favorite non-alcoholic drink: Dr. Pepper

facebook or twitter: Facebook

my passion: creating

getting or giving presents: both

favorite pattern: whatever one I am working on right now!

favorite day of the week: Saturday

favorite flower: Stargazer Lilies

And now, my five deserving blogs that I like a lot are:

Quality Time: She has some really interesting projects including  trying to recreate some of the fabulous fashions Amy Adams work in The Muppets.

21 Wale: Joy sews with a style and frequency (and proliferation) to which I can relate. I always enjoy her projects.

My Sewing Space: Renee is another sewing and blogging mom who is sewing for herself and the kids - she makes some lovely things including some nice coordinating outfits - always a fan of that esp. for holiday dress-up.

Kadiddlehopper: Katie turns out some super cute outfits for the kids as well as herself and is always very detailed with the pictures and descriptions of her work. She has a great eye for detail.

Southern Matriarch: She does some of the most beautiful heirloom sewing for her gorgeous little grandbabies.

Honestly, I could waste a ton of time looking at sewing blogs, but then I wouldn't get anything done. These are just a few of the ones I have to look to for inspiration and then tear myself away!

Sewing Modkid Style - got the book!

I am pretty excited - got the only copy of Sewing Modkid Style by Patty Young that my nearest Barnes and Noble had on the shelves today!

Being an advanced sewist, I spent some time looking through the projects before purchasing. There have been a few books I have passed up for being too easy or not unique enough. While I don't expect to master any new-to-me techniques, I do expect that a less experienced seamstress would find plenty to learn.

I like the patterns in the book and the wide size range they come in (2T-10). I am also a big fan of sewing with knits and that is the entire focus of this book.

The projects I see myself most likely making include a really simple, yet cute interlock knit quilt. This might be a good use for my Patsy Aiken knit fabric scraps. All of the bottoms in chapter 3 are nice, simple basics - the A-line gored skirt is particularly cute. The tops are cute as well with the color-blocked Mondrian shirt being my favorite so far. There are also some cute dresses with the 'Bloom" dress being my favorite of these. I could also see myself sewing the swim cover-up with a cute applique.

This one looks like a winner and I will be sure to review and post more once I delve further into the book and make something.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let the fabric enabling begin

Fabric Mart is 20% off storewide...OMG, I have been a bad girl! Yep, I placed an order, but loooook!

Marc Jacobs red pique plaid...gorgeous!
or how about today's daily pick - another Marc Jacobs plaid:
And then there are these beauties which arrived on my doorstep today:
Mild CHerry 
Bright Fuschia
and this lovely voile from Marc Jacobs:
I have papers I really have to grade tonight, and I want to sew SOOOO badly now! Of course, I also got a package yesterday from The Fabric Fairy which included some pretties for my Disney trip collection:

So who needs more fabric? ;-)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Orange you wishing you got this fabric when it was $1.99 a yard!

With the Pantone color of the year for 2012 being "Tangerine Tango", I have to say I feel very fashion forward in this bright orange sateen Clover pants (Colette patterns). The fabric is a lovely Jones New York sateen with a little stretch to it and the top is Simplicity 2971 in a gorgeous print I found at Sew and Sews Place in Fayetteville, NC - it's a small store, but the selection is lovely.

Of course, the best part of this outfit is that is actually appropriate for tomorrow's forecast with a high near 80! The calendar says winter, but not the NC weather. The air conditioner is on, and the shorts will be coming out.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Animal Kingdom couture - McCall's 6512

I have started planning my Disney trip sewing, and aside from a t-shirt I stitched with Buzz Lightyear on an applique for Benjamin, this is my first real piece of Disney vay-cay couture: the Animal Kingdom blouse.

The pattern is McCall's 6512 which has some mixed reviews on Pattern Review, but I really love it. I think you need the right fabric, though, and this lightweight, almost sheer, yet crisp cotton voile fits the bill.

It was a great inexpensive (sorry - long gone) find from Fabric Mart. I purchased it before this pattern came out, but they turned out to be exactly right together.

The scale of the print is large, so this would not work for my daughter. It also needs something under it due to the sheer factor. Of course the sheer factor also means it is great for summer in the South. Heck, it's still "winter" and I wasn't cold when we went outside to take these pictures.

I am thrilled with how this turned out since it fits with my vision of having great trip outfits that work with being a photo-happy scrapbooking mommy. I love going to Disney and I love having excuses to sew with a theme. I want to do it in a way that is fun, stylish, and appropriate to the individual wearing the clothes. Welcome to the first of many Stylin' Disney posts...I have 147 more days to sew my vision of my family doing Disney!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spot on!

Look who is ready for gymnastics! This is made from Jalie 3138 and fabric from Patsy Aiken (they used this in the Twirls collection). She decided this is the one to wear to her first class tomorrow.

But we also have another version of Jalie bright turquoise and hot pink dancewear lycra from Joann's. These are both simple to make, but with fantastic results.

I also wanted to make her a pair of tumble shorts, so I used Jalie 3022 to make these black stretch velvet ones. The pattern has the shorts and yoga pants in girls size 92cm all the way through a women's 52 (Euro). I love that these Jalie patterns are a buy it once deal - especially if she likes gymnastics because I've got every size she could need...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Projects with a little character

Who likes their new sleep shorts? My big guys do! This is a pattern from the winter 2011 Ottobre magazine. Joann's had flannel half price (and all of the character fabric was 40% off), so we picked up some nice prints including a Star Wars flannel and a Cars print. I stitched up the two pairs the boys are hold in about 45 minutes - total. I have the other 3 cut pairs ready to go once I switch out serger thread.
Additionally, we picked out some Star Wars cotton for some shirts for vacation. Since Star Wars is found at Disney (in the Star Tours ride at the Studios), I will happily play along with their requests. I also have downloaded some really cute designs with Mickey and Minnie as Star Wars characters (for the younger two). Right now I am collecting embroidery images and sewing patterns in a Google Doc as my Disney trip sewing plan. You can peek if you like - right here.

Molly kept wanting to lay on my cut flannel - silly cat! Here she is waiting just to give it that special tabby fur touch.

Of course, before I can finish these (as well as finish the two tops I have cut out for myself, I have an even more pressing project: Gracie's gymnastics stuff - 1st class is Weds. I am making her a bag (which I am stitching out right now. Her name will be appliqued on it along with three little gymnasts - very cute! I also want to sew up the other two leotards I have cut and get her to try on the black stretch velvet shorts I made.

I think I have finally got my teacher work to the point where I can finish up my grading while I stitch out embroidery and actually get some sewing done - yay! (This is especially good after digging into the unfiled carton of Butterick patterns at Joann's yesterday to buy all of the new ones I wanted!)