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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spreading a little love

Stacie from Stacie Thinks She Can left me a little sunshine, so I will pay it forward.

favorite color:  coral pink, but I love warm brights in general

favorite animal: my 3 cats

favorite number: 13

favorite non-alcoholic drink: Dr. Pepper

facebook or twitter: Facebook

my passion: creating

getting or giving presents: both

favorite pattern: whatever one I am working on right now!

favorite day of the week: Saturday

favorite flower: Stargazer Lilies

And now, my five deserving blogs that I like a lot are:

Quality Time: She has some really interesting projects including  trying to recreate some of the fabulous fashions Amy Adams work in The Muppets.

21 Wale: Joy sews with a style and frequency (and proliferation) to which I can relate. I always enjoy her projects.

My Sewing Space: Renee is another sewing and blogging mom who is sewing for herself and the kids - she makes some lovely things including some nice coordinating outfits - always a fan of that esp. for holiday dress-up.

Kadiddlehopper: Katie turns out some super cute outfits for the kids as well as herself and is always very detailed with the pictures and descriptions of her work. She has a great eye for detail.

Southern Matriarch: She does some of the most beautiful heirloom sewing for her gorgeous little grandbabies.

Honestly, I could waste a ton of time looking at sewing blogs, but then I wouldn't get anything done. These are just a few of the ones I have to look to for inspiration and then tear myself away!


  1. Congratulations on your Sunshine Award - have just discovered your blog via to have a peek around your site...

  2. Thanks for the award!
    Ah, Dr. Pepper is my favorite, too. It's taken me a decade to break my college addiction. Or maybe college is more than a decade ago. Who's counting?

  3. Hi Sandi,
    Thank you for the award! I'm very flattered. Dr. Pepper is also my favorite drink. (I could really go for one right now, actually).