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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What my husband thinks I should sew

Why yes, that is an R2D2 skirt he found from a Facebook post a friend of his made. I guess if one were attending ComicCon or something of that ilk...

He's also sent me this link. He's nuts if he thinks I would wear the teal number let alone spend my time making something like that. Maybe pre-kids, but that's a loooong time ago!

Then, there is the third image he has sent me as a possible project...while I might enjoy the technical challenge, this one isn't happening either.

Maybe I need to convince him he needs to learn to sew if this stuff is his style. ;-) Silly husband!

I do have to say that he does seem to like the stuff I make to wear, but I do have to giggle over these selections.


  1. Your husband obviously thinks you are sexy--a very nice thought.

  2. Hahaha! The skirt would be pretty quick to make and would be funny, anyway.
    My husband thinks I should make him a suit. Neither quick to make nor funny.

  3. omg i love this idea!! this should be a post everyone does. I also think it's flattering that he wants you to wear the teal dress. maybe you can just make a slip? for his eyes only haha