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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lattice Shower Curtain

I finally got this one a little bogged down with the first five days of the school year and trying to finish watching "The Tudors" on Netflix (good series!).

The fabric is "Summer House" by Moda (layer cake) and a jelly roll of bright blenders (I skipped the red, purple, and orange pieces). The pattern can be found on the Moda Bakeshop site.

I love how bright and pretty the finished product looks. It's lined with a plain white flat sheet I picked up at Target. I left off the top border because, as you can see, my shower bar is not installed too high.

Friday, August 26, 2011

McCall's Winter patterns

I'm excited - some nice patterns in this batch.  M6432 has some nice lines. I'd like to make this in a ponte knit.

This maxi is reminiscent of Pippa's bridesmaid dress (but not a style for me). I do love the short sleeve dress with the side pleats. (M6433)

This dress would also be cute in a ponte knit. (M6434)

I like the two-tone t-shirt, but I don't see myself making the sheer version. (M6435)

I'm glad to see more cup size shirt patterns like M6436:

I like this Palmer/Pletch zip front jacket (M6441):

How cute is M6442 - love it!

M6429 is a really sweet pattern I would definitely make for Gracie:

There are two adorable doll patterns as well: M6452 and M6451
Now all I need is a little more time to sew...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Twice a-MUSE-d by Butterick

I bought three new Buttericks this weekend (the three I blogged about) and I have now made TWO of them. I've already made one Muse dress before which I really like and these two are just as much fun. B5677 is the dress that has the amazing colorblocking:

I love the effect of the red and cream. I almost did it in grey or black with cream, but the red is more me. I also added one of those great fashion zippers instead of the heavy duty sport one the pattern called for. (I was inadvertently pulling the dress when my husband took the pic.)

Here are a few more views. The effect of the design is really cool.
I also made B5676 in a navy ponte knit. It's hard to see the details of the dress in this picture (not the world's most flattering), but it is a really cute dress as well. Both of these will be great for work...which I go back to in a couple of days. ;-)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

ACE-ing things

I have been a rather haphazard blogger this summer while I complete my master's degree in educational technology through the American College of Education.
I have been very impressed with the rigor of the program and the efficiency in both time and money. As of today, I am completing my final, final, FINAL!!! grad school paper and that means I will have more time to sew (and a little more income soon as well).

Of course, I am finishing this just in time to go back to work for the new school year...but I have a few sewing projects in mind for that new year. I just finished one of them, Vogue 1013, out of a really cute grey leopard charmeuse.

I also have been busy reupholstering a couple of chairs (desk chairs that my dad bought in the early 1980's). They were structurally okay, but the upholstery was ugly. You can see one of the completed chairs in this picture.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ottobre t-shirt to dress modification

 I have a sick amount of patterns, plenty of which are for my daughter, but I didn't have a pattern for a basic empire t-shirt top dress with a gathered skirt. That, however, was easy to remedy.

When I saw this cute monkey fabric at Elegant Stitches, I knew Gracie would want it because she loves her little pink stuffed monkey and this has a certain similarity to it. I had just downloaded the monkey applique and thought this would be cute with it.

When I could not find the pattern I wanted in my stash, I made my own by using the Ottobre t-shirt pattern (from 1/2003 issue - basically the same thing as the Creative Workshop t-shirt pattern). I changed the bottom of the tee to end four inches below her armpit. This would leave a nice amount of space for applique and still be an empire style. I appliqued the design before assembling the t-shirt portion. Then, I cut two panels of my skirt fabric to be double the width of the bodice and 18 inches long (since I had a yard of fabric). I stitched the sides, gathered the skirt and then attached it to the t-shirt. In the full length picture, the hem was serged, but not yet finished. I wanted to try it on her to see where I wanted my final hem. I ended up taking a 3 inch hem.

This was very easy to do and I already plan on doing one or two more for fall. I'm getting ambitious for my next one and digitizing a design from my fabric. As I am still learning the Embird design program, that ought to be interesting.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fall Buttericks

I love this design from Muse (B5676)
This Muse design (B5677) is also fabulous. I really like the Muse patterns' use of design lines.

I enjoy sewing cute nightgowns and I really like the shape of these.

Not too much else of interest from this collection, and I'm disappointed that the brand seems to be shying away from children's patterns. What gives, Butterick?

Use the force, young jedi

Ottobre 4/2005 (awesome issue!) has a great hoodie pattern. My little quirky jedi are loving it. They wanted to leave them on. It's hotter than the devil's butt crack here in NC, so no, boys...not today!

Fall Sewing?

I meant to start sewing for fall, but this was just too much fun to make. It's a Project Runway pattern - Simplicity 2943. It's a knit dress pattern with lots of cut options and a nice big area for embroidery. The kitty ( a great match for our silly Skippy) is from Stitch on Time.

I do intend to get back to some cooler weather outfits I cut, but this was so fun.

Also, I helped my boys finish their pillowcases yesterday. They did most of the sewing, but I serged (they are not ready for that kind of speed) and of course, the embroidery. They did help me design what they wanted on the embroidery. That was fun.