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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fall Buttericks

I love this design from Muse (B5676)
This Muse design (B5677) is also fabulous. I really like the Muse patterns' use of design lines.

I enjoy sewing cute nightgowns and I really like the shape of these.

Not too much else of interest from this collection, and I'm disappointed that the brand seems to be shying away from children's patterns. What gives, Butterick?


  1. Hi Sandi!!
    Sewing knits sounds s-c-a-r-y to me :O... What do you think would be a good 1st pattern venture into this unknown territory??
    Thanks ;)
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  2. I would start with a nice stable knit (like a ponte or an interlock). Some knits can be really slippery. A good t-shirt pattern (maybe a Jalie) would be a great first project.

  3. Thanks, Sandi!! Where's the "Like" button??