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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fall Sewing?

I meant to start sewing for fall, but this was just too much fun to make. It's a Project Runway pattern - Simplicity 2943. It's a knit dress pattern with lots of cut options and a nice big area for embroidery. The kitty ( a great match for our silly Skippy) is from Stitch on Time.

I do intend to get back to some cooler weather outfits I cut, but this was so fun.

Also, I helped my boys finish their pillowcases yesterday. They did most of the sewing, but I serged (they are not ready for that kind of speed) and of course, the embroidery. They did help me design what they wanted on the embroidery. That was fun.

1 comment:

  1. I so love the Project Runway #2943 dress. Is it an OOP pattern? I was in Hobby Lobby this week (99¢ Simplicity patterns) and they don't have it. Not in book, not in drawer and not even a "slot card" for it.