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Saturday, August 13, 2011

ACE-ing things

I have been a rather haphazard blogger this summer while I complete my master's degree in educational technology through the American College of Education.
I have been very impressed with the rigor of the program and the efficiency in both time and money. As of today, I am completing my final, final, FINAL!!! grad school paper and that means I will have more time to sew (and a little more income soon as well).

Of course, I am finishing this just in time to go back to work for the new school year...but I have a few sewing projects in mind for that new year. I just finished one of them, Vogue 1013, out of a really cute grey leopard charmeuse.

I also have been busy reupholstering a couple of chairs (desk chairs that my dad bought in the early 1980's). They were structurally okay, but the upholstery was ugly. You can see one of the completed chairs in this picture.


  1. Congratulations on finishing your Master's!! That is awesome! Your top looks great. Did you get the charmeuse at FabricMart? I think we have the same fabric shopping brain... I have a few yards of it myself. :)

  2. Yep, pulled it straight out of my latest box from Fabric Mart. (I have been a bad, bad girl, but the deals have been too awesome!).

  3. WOW!! Great kids (in great clothes), pretty Mom (always a-smilin')and now THIS!! A Master's Degree!!
    Kudos, Sandi... REALLY!! ;)

  4. Hi, Sandi.
    I follow your blog and enjoy seeing your new creations.
    I am a teacher and have been looking at ACE. Their tuition is (wow) impressive. I was wondering if you would be willing to give me a bit more information about your experience w/ ACE. ?

  5. If you want some more info about ACE, shoot me an email at enchantedpines at gmail dot com.

    I am really impressed with the program. It was rigorous, but highly relevant to my job. I have access to some alumni referral codes for program discounts. I'd be happy to answer questions about it. It's been a really great experience.