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Monday, May 14, 2012

Not just for kids!

I love Disney.
I love Mickey & Minnie.
Appliques do not have to be just for little kids. ;-)

Of course, this applique will be darling for a shirt for my 7 year old:
Don't you just love Bolt? That movie is one of my absolute favorite Disney/Pixar films!

I also want to share one more thing: I scrapbook...not exactly news, but I am making a book (8x8) of my sewing projects. I brought it to Archiver's on Saturday and knocked out a couple dozen pages of some of my earliest sewing projects. It's turning into a really fun scrapbook to make. I love when hobby worlds collide!

Stay tuned for more Disney-trip sewing. I have what will be a knit dress with Minnie as Princess Leia (from Star Wars), a Yoda shirt(Star Wars), a Goofy shirt, and Buzz Lightyear shorts in various stages of readiness to sew. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sew Fast without ruffles and gathers...

Boy clothes seem to sew up more quickly - fewer fussy details (unless you are talking about dress shirts...). Last night, I stitched 2 shirts, 2 complete pairs of shorts and half of 2 more pairs of shorts. I finished those up in a brief 30 minute session this evening.

Presenting boy-wear with character!

Four pairs of shorts from McCall's 6548, 2 t-shirts from Ottobre 2/2004 #16 - a lot of blue, but a lot of cute.

I did inform my husband that I have a sufficient amount of the Mickey boardshort fabric remaining to make him a pair...what do you think?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sleeves A-Flutter

I just realized I started my own trend - well, maybe not started, but I definitely have my own trend. Here are the last three things I sewed for me:
Simplicity 1916

Simplicity 2181
Simplicity 1897

You know what? If it works, it works! I like the flutter sleeve. It's feminine, but not fussy and it's easy to do.

That being said, I think I will sew a different sleeve on the next garment I make myself.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Disney Safari & Under the Sea

This is the newest creation in my Disney trip sewing collection...the Disney Safari outfit - an Ottobre 3/2006 #13 pattern with Pink Fig's Mish Mash skirt and a bunch of cute appliques.

The pink zebra jeep for Donald was her design suggestion! Plus the skirt has great twirl.

It was so fun to make this between all the appliques and the gorgeous little fabrics - love!

I also finally got around to shooting some pics of the Under the Sea outfit all done (and not on the cat!).

This is "Posh Pixie" by Little Londyn. I added the chiffon ruffle to match the fabric used on the back as well.

Of course, this would not be complete with bubble shorts under it - from the newest Ottobre!

My daughter just has an odd way of modeling these!

Next up will be two knit tops for me (both Simplicity) and a "Suede Says" knit dress from the newest Simplicity collection. I might as well make a couple things for work now since I still have a month left in the (seemingly never-ending) school year.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vintage Vogue...gone modern

I have been sitting on this gorgeous print - the last 4 yard Fabric Mart had of it - for a couple of months and I was dying to use it, but it had to be the right pattern. Vogue 8789, a vintage style from 1957, turned out to be it.

I had 4 yards of this almost 60 inch wide poplin and wanted to take advantage of that. View A, with its ideal design for stripes, took close to that amount. I didn't have much to spare so the fact that I got the skirt to match up as much as I did was a pretty big deal.

With the print having a rather modern feel with the dots and stripes and bold colors, I decided to skip the cummerbund belt. I picked up this black and white belt at Belk's this evening while on a mission to get new eyeglasses for kid #2 who had a broken pair...hey, it take about an hour, so time to shop!

The belt is really comfortable and eliminates the need for the internal grosgrain ribbon belt. Plus, it camouflages the fact that my big bust pulls up the waistline a bit. Win-win! I can wear it with other things too, which I doubt would have been the case with the belt from the pattern.

I also, mainly due to fabric amount, but also due to being not quite 5'5" decided to take out about 4 inches from the length of the skirt. There is a 3 inch hem in the finished garment. Since the pattern was so busy, I didn't want to fuss with an invisible hem and I didn't need to!

The skirt is about 4 yards wide (before gathering) and therefore a lot of twirl.

I would also have to say that this style has a lot of "Southern belle" about it, but the fabric design reins in the sweetness. Plus, it looks quite a bit like a striped dress with a diagonal cut bodice that I saw at the mall tonight.

Mine is cuter, though...just sayin'!