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Monday, May 14, 2012

Not just for kids!

I love Disney.
I love Mickey & Minnie.
Appliques do not have to be just for little kids. ;-)

Of course, this applique will be darling for a shirt for my 7 year old:
Don't you just love Bolt? That movie is one of my absolute favorite Disney/Pixar films!

I also want to share one more thing: I scrapbook...not exactly news, but I am making a book (8x8) of my sewing projects. I brought it to Archiver's on Saturday and knocked out a couple dozen pages of some of my earliest sewing projects. It's turning into a really fun scrapbook to make. I love when hobby worlds collide!

Stay tuned for more Disney-trip sewing. I have what will be a knit dress with Minnie as Princess Leia (from Star Wars), a Yoda shirt(Star Wars), a Goofy shirt, and Buzz Lightyear shorts in various stages of readiness to sew. 


  1. I love your Disneywear! I so love to see families at the mouse in their creations- it's so much cooler than the average bought shirt- I just know Mickey likes it better. When are you going?

    1. August - luckily I still have plenty of sewing time