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Friday, July 29, 2011

New Autumn Simplicity patterns - sneaky peeky!!!!

I was messing around in a Joann's today when I discovered some Simplicity patterns I hadn't seen before and a sign with a $1.99 Simplicity sale. They had the new Autumn (not the Early Autumn, but the AUTUMN) catalog, but aside from a few patterns in a display stand, the new patterns weren't out...but I found the box and the girl at the cutting counter was happy to let me paw through it. Look what I got! These aren't even posted on the Simplicity site or yet. He he he...

An official Disney Tangled dress!!! Gracie loves Rapunzel (calls her Ree-ann-punzel, lol) and was estatic to find out she is wearing this for Halloween. This dress looks like a ton of fun to make.

I also found this great Day to Evening pattern - I love the day dress in blue:

I found a Suede Says tunic pattern I really like:

A Daisy Kingdom mother-daughter outfit (pretty cute!):

And there are now Lisette patterns for girls (Little Lisette - which I need to exchange since I grabbed the wrong size - doh!)

I also got a neat new toy that I plan to use to work on designs for embroidery...a Bamboo tablet. Since I got it installed while I was posting this, it is time to play!

The things we do for kids

I have been stitching out embroidery designs like a mad fool. I'm so glad I had the sense to put my embroidery machine right beside my computer so I can get other stuff done in between thread changes.

My youngest son, six year old Benjamin, asked for some mommy couture (my words) so this is in progress for him and his older brothers:

They will be hoodies from the Ottobre 4/2005 issue. It was a big pain to merge all that lettering into the designs, but the Lego Star Wars embroidery is so darn cute!

I am also teaching my older two boys (9 1/2 and almost 11) how to so at their request. We are making pillowcases from a Simplicity Learn-to-Sew pattern. To make it fun, they are sewing for themselves and the younger two with fabric they all picked out. They also helped me select embroidery designs to add with their names for the hem bands. Those took awhile to stitch out as well.

Hopefully we will have finished pillowcases to share soon!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fall Fashion for a Four Year Old

I have completed the first round of Gracie's fall looks. I think I have hit the entire range of the design spectrum in a few pieces. ;-)

We have jeggings:
complete with a little attitude!

Also two Ottobre knit tops - worn with the jeggings and this Oliver & S suit:

The tops will also go well with this cute little top & skirt which can be worn with a t-shirt for cooler weather.

Finally we have Sew Beautiful's newest envelope pattern - "Vintage Natalie" done in Anna Griffin prints (which interestingly enough, I purchased with a gift certificate won through a contest on Sew Beautiful's Facebook page!)
My next project will be either the shower curtain and valance for my bathroom or some fall fashions for six year old Benjamin. He wants embroidery/applique with Star Wars/Legos/Cars...the typical six year old interests. Most importantly, he wants me to make stuff for him! How can I say no?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Pattern Picks - Kwik Sew & Vogue Fall

I love ogling new patterns - so many possibilities!

Kwik Sew has some cute offerings for little girls: KS3906 includes a made to match dress for 18 in dolls. KS3905 is equally sweet.
The KS3900 organizer pattern is really cute. I like the way they hung these up:

Unfortunately, the offerings for ladies are rather lacking IMO. Luckily, Vogue has come through with some lovely things:

V1252 looks fantastic when you see the drawing (the print on the made up version obscures the cool draping effect.

I also think this one is pretty nice - V1257.

V8750 is a nice selection of well-cut skirts.
V8742 looks like it would be figure-friendly.
V8743 - love when they do cup sized patterns - makes altering much easier!

Finally V8747 looks like a great button-front shirt.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gotta love knits!

With the exception of the black pleather and the voile in the bottom right corner, this is a lovely selection of stretchy fabrics I recently acquired. I love sewing with knits and I love wearing them. Knits forgive a large bust and move comfortably when I am at work.

I have a feeling I will get a lot of wear out of this knit cardigan this winter:

It's very soft and comfy, but the tie front gives it a little structure. I think this would be cute with a knee-length skirt or slim pants (or even over the leggings I just made).

I also love sewing with knits for my kids. I'm really fortunate to live near enough to visit the Patsy Aiken/Chez Ami outlet. I get some lovely things there. While you can order online, they always have more in the outlet than they put on the internet.

The fabric for these "jeggings" came from While I do not want jeggings for myself (why put jeans details on them when they wouldn't be seen?), they are such a cute idea for my tiny little 4 year old.

Sewing these with all the topstitching (mostly faking the jeans structure) was a lot of fun.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Going all HGTV on things...

That's what my husband called it when we put up this valance I made in the redone kitchen/dining room!

I had to add an extra swag and one more bell shaped piece to make this fit my double window. The china closet which belonged to my grandma blocks it a little, but I don't care. I'm happy with it.
Here's a close-up of the fabric. The beaded trim was a bit pricey (even on sale for 50% off), but it really completed the look. I thought it would be more obnoxious to sew than it was.

In other sewing news, I finished a project I had started a couple of weeks ago and put aside to work on the kitchen:

It's a cosmetic style bag, but this one is ready to go in my beach/pool tote. I don't want to have to keep using a plastic bag to protect my smartphone, so I laminated fabric for the inside. It's a lot cheaper than buying laminated fabric and pretty easy to use.

I got the laminating stuff at Joann's, cut a piece to fit what I needed, then peeled the backing, adhered it to the front, flipped the fabric over and set the laminate with a pass on my iron. You definitely need to iron face down or use a press cloth.

I was really on a roll, plus I'd stitched out this cute design earlier, so I also sewed up a quick and easy fabric basket (M6372):

I now want to make more since it is the perfect size to line up patterns!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Coming soon...

I think I might be addicted to home improvement! We are putting the finishing touches on the kitchen/dining room, and I bought a layer cake of this:
It's Moda "Summer House" by Lily Ashbury, and it's gorgeous! It would look lovely in the master bath since my walls are a soft coral pink that I love. I am going to use this free tutorial on the Moda Bake Shop site to create a shower curtain. I also plan to do a valance for the bathroom window and make a few other little items to spiff up my vanity. Now all I need is the yardage to come in at Elegant Stitches.

I think this will be fun, since it is mainly a sewing home dec project. Of course, after tiling the wall behind my stove last night using the best thing ever to get those tiles on the wall (Bondera), I'm sort of itching to put tiles up as a border to my tub/shower. Somebody stop me...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kitchen now - sewing soon...

My kitchen started out like this:
and now it looks like this:
Okay, so it's not quite done, but my cabinets have been done, my counters done (both with Rustoleum Transformations kits - English Cream for the cabinets and Java Stone for the counters) and my walls painted with Olympic's "Chocolate Turtle" and "Blue Bayberry" paints. I will be sponging a copper glaze over the lower walls and replacing the electrical plates tomorrow. Then, we can move the furniture back to it's proper location...and I can have access to my sewing machine just in time for my new Ottobre to arrive. ;-)

If my fabric from Joann's arrives soon, I'll be ready to sew the valance and enjoy my updated room, since my sewing machine straddles the dining room part of the kitchen and my living room. Once I get the valance up, we'll have the final reveal.