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Monday, July 11, 2011

Going all HGTV on things...

That's what my husband called it when we put up this valance I made in the redone kitchen/dining room!

I had to add an extra swag and one more bell shaped piece to make this fit my double window. The china closet which belonged to my grandma blocks it a little, but I don't care. I'm happy with it.
Here's a close-up of the fabric. The beaded trim was a bit pricey (even on sale for 50% off), but it really completed the look. I thought it would be more obnoxious to sew than it was.

In other sewing news, I finished a project I had started a couple of weeks ago and put aside to work on the kitchen:

It's a cosmetic style bag, but this one is ready to go in my beach/pool tote. I don't want to have to keep using a plastic bag to protect my smartphone, so I laminated fabric for the inside. It's a lot cheaper than buying laminated fabric and pretty easy to use.

I got the laminating stuff at Joann's, cut a piece to fit what I needed, then peeled the backing, adhered it to the front, flipped the fabric over and set the laminate with a pass on my iron. You definitely need to iron face down or use a press cloth.

I was really on a roll, plus I'd stitched out this cute design earlier, so I also sewed up a quick and easy fabric basket (M6372):

I now want to make more since it is the perfect size to line up patterns!

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