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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kitchen now - sewing soon...

My kitchen started out like this:
and now it looks like this:
Okay, so it's not quite done, but my cabinets have been done, my counters done (both with Rustoleum Transformations kits - English Cream for the cabinets and Java Stone for the counters) and my walls painted with Olympic's "Chocolate Turtle" and "Blue Bayberry" paints. I will be sponging a copper glaze over the lower walls and replacing the electrical plates tomorrow. Then, we can move the furniture back to it's proper location...and I can have access to my sewing machine just in time for my new Ottobre to arrive. ;-)

If my fabric from Joann's arrives soon, I'll be ready to sew the valance and enjoy my updated room, since my sewing machine straddles the dining room part of the kitchen and my living room. Once I get the valance up, we'll have the final reveal. 


  1. Sandi, your new look kitchen looks amazing! Great job and thank you so much for using our Rust-Oleum Transformations products.

    Make sure to enter our America's Next Top Kitchen contest, here:

  2. I found your blog through a review you did on PR. I'm commenting to let you know that I plan on reading through your back entries. We have a similar shape (though I'm a little bigger) and my oldest daughter is a smidge younger than your Gracie.