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Friday, July 29, 2011

New Autumn Simplicity patterns - sneaky peeky!!!!

I was messing around in a Joann's today when I discovered some Simplicity patterns I hadn't seen before and a sign with a $1.99 Simplicity sale. They had the new Autumn (not the Early Autumn, but the AUTUMN) catalog, but aside from a few patterns in a display stand, the new patterns weren't out...but I found the box and the girl at the cutting counter was happy to let me paw through it. Look what I got! These aren't even posted on the Simplicity site or yet. He he he...

An official Disney Tangled dress!!! Gracie loves Rapunzel (calls her Ree-ann-punzel, lol) and was estatic to find out she is wearing this for Halloween. This dress looks like a ton of fun to make.

I also found this great Day to Evening pattern - I love the day dress in blue:

I found a Suede Says tunic pattern I really like:

A Daisy Kingdom mother-daughter outfit (pretty cute!):

And there are now Lisette patterns for girls (Little Lisette - which I need to exchange since I grabbed the wrong size - doh!)

I also got a neat new toy that I plan to use to work on designs for embroidery...a Bamboo tablet. Since I got it installed while I was posting this, it is time to play!


  1. Myra's going to DIE when she sees that pattern. She and Gracie will be matchy for Halloween.

  2. Gracie kissed the pattern envelope! She and I watched Tangled while I was cutting fabric earlier this week. It was cute. I really would like to find some lavender velvet for the bodice and upper sleeves...I think that would be pretty.