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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fall Fashion for a Four Year Old

I have completed the first round of Gracie's fall looks. I think I have hit the entire range of the design spectrum in a few pieces. ;-)

We have jeggings:
complete with a little attitude!

Also two Ottobre knit tops - worn with the jeggings and this Oliver & S suit:

The tops will also go well with this cute little top & skirt which can be worn with a t-shirt for cooler weather.

Finally we have Sew Beautiful's newest envelope pattern - "Vintage Natalie" done in Anna Griffin prints (which interestingly enough, I purchased with a gift certificate won through a contest on Sew Beautiful's Facebook page!)
My next project will be either the shower curtain and valance for my bathroom or some fall fashions for six year old Benjamin. He wants embroidery/applique with Star Wars/Legos/Cars...the typical six year old interests. Most importantly, he wants me to make stuff for him! How can I say no?


  1. Wow! What a great wardrobe this little princess is going to have to start off a new school year! Lucky girl! Love the red dress!!!!!

  2. Oh, these are all adorable! I particularly like the "Vintage Natalie." Lovely!

  3. Sandi, it is all gorgeous!! I love the Natalie dress and the Oliver & S suit. I have both patterns and have not made either one up yet! Yours are lovely!

  4. Your Natalie dress is gorgeous! You need to send pictures to Martha Pullen and Kathy B. They would really love to see your masterpiece! ~janet gilbert

  5. Fabulous outfits. Jeggings on a little one = so cute.

  6. Sandi, this is truly wonderful!

  7. Cute! I just ordered Little Miss Suntop and Skirt Sewing Pattern, after reading your review. :)