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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mix & Match Cheer Practice Wear - Part 2

Jalie 3247 - sports bras and workout of the best patterns to have in your stash if you girl does all-star cheer! These pieces mix and match with the items in my previous post.
She wore this set to her 2017-2018 season tryout. She looked like a pro and she nailed her skills. 
This is version C of the sports bra - love how professionally it came together - especially in the back.

My girl has been working hard to increase her flexibility and upgrade her tumbling. I can't wait to see what's in store for her next season at Cheer Extreme!

 She's hoping to be able to compete as a senior since she is finally 10 (the current minimum age to be on a senior team).  She's competed two years as Youth 1, one year as Junior 1, and hopefully will be on a level we wait for practice group announcements.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mix and match practice wear - part 1

Gracie and I love bright colors, so this fabric was an easy pick! The shorts are tried & true Jalie 3247 and I made a second pair in a textured black knit (kind of like a denim texture). The top is a pattern hack - leotard 3354. I cropped it at the length-shorten line and added a front lining to make it as a sports bra.

I have one more sports bra in all black (from Jalie 3247) ready to sew. Sometimes she needs all black for a gym event, but since it is the same black fabric as the accent fabric on this outfit, she can also mix up the solid black pieces with other colorful pieces,

 ...and a final shot before tumbling as she taste-tests her biggest brother's food chemistry project (chocolate cookies).