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Monday, August 15, 2011

Twice a-MUSE-d by Butterick

I bought three new Buttericks this weekend (the three I blogged about) and I have now made TWO of them. I've already made one Muse dress before which I really like and these two are just as much fun. B5677 is the dress that has the amazing colorblocking:

I love the effect of the red and cream. I almost did it in grey or black with cream, but the red is more me. I also added one of those great fashion zippers instead of the heavy duty sport one the pattern called for. (I was inadvertently pulling the dress when my husband took the pic.)

Here are a few more views. The effect of the design is really cool.
I also made B5676 in a navy ponte knit. It's hard to see the details of the dress in this picture (not the world's most flattering), but it is a really cute dress as well. Both of these will be great for work...which I go back to in a couple of days. ;-)


  1. Wow! That red and cream dress is do die for! LOVE it.

  2. Love your dresses...especially the red and cream..Lovely color on you

  3. Both dresses are great. The red and white design is very striking!

  4. Thanks for the pictures and review - I was looking on to see if anybody had whipped this up yet. I think we have a similar body shape and size, so I now feel comfortable to take the plunge and make this, hopefully it will be flattering on me too!