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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Project Runway Easter bunny dress

I made this dress last night from Simplicity 1890, a new Project Runway pattern for a simple A-line shift. The pattern calls for a yard and an eighth of 45 inch wide fabric. I squeaked this out with almost nothing to spare from a single yard, not an easy feat considering this is a directional print. Also, the only bias tape I had (for the neckline and armholes) was the perfect matching shade of raspberry pink. I only had 2 inches of the rickrack to spare. A true moment of serendipity in making this work out...but like Tim Gunn always says, "Make it work!"

My "designer" addition was a bit of fairly fat rick rack sewn into the seams at the bodice (front and back). I think the white helps the little bunnies show up better. I also like that the bunny print is subtle, but still a bit whimsical - perfect for my almost 5 year old daughter.

The other thing I noticed about this dress is that it makes her look tall - or maybe it's the little girl high heels in about the smallest size they come in, or the fact that she is a lot leaner and longer-limbed, or maybe it's her recent visit to the salon with Mommy for a trim to her hair. Whatever it is, it all comes together to show that my baby girl is growing up.

Of course, she still has a LOT of growing to do as evidenced by THIS picture:

The bag - which I made so she'd have a place to keep all of her cheerleading stuff is Simplicity 5535, View F. I made View E, the smaller version, as a purse once, so I knew I needed to go bigger for this. However, I just didn't fully picture how big it was until I finished it. She could fit inside...

At least it can double as another piece of luggage when we go to Florida this summer.

I made my own quilted fabric for this using a polka dot pique that was one of my very first fabric purchases before she was born. I lined it with the remains of this cute cheerleader print knit fabric I used for a top for her last fall. There is a layer of fusible fleece in between the two fabrics. If you ever decide to quilt your own fabric like this, using a pattern like this regular dot sure makes it easier to get neat results. There isn't a lot of waste either. I quilted pieces slightly larger than what I need, then cut my pattern from the finished piece. For the zipper, I had a heavy-duty piece non-separating zipper in my stash that was just the right size. I think that will help this be usable for a long time.

On a final April Fool's note - I can't let the day go by without sharing a picture of the cutest April Fool ever - baby Benjamin, who was born April 1, 2005...without waiting for the doctor. After a really slow first stage of labor, things suddenly got very fast and thankfully a great nurse was able to safely get him delivered when he decided he was in a rush to get out.

And here he is in his latest school (class) portrait - April Fool indeed!

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