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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Enabling alert

Today is the last day for the pattern sale at Butterick/McCall's/Vogue...and of course, they also have Quik Sew, while not on sale, included in the Club BMV discount. I caved only when I saw NEW VOGUES!

So what is headed to my house?

Kwik Sew had two must-haves:
These round nesting storage baskets are too cute - must have!

I also have a weakness for colorblocking, so I needed K3932:

Vogue 1303 (line drawing is really nice, but you can't see the details in the made-up version pictured on the cover of the pattern.

This new Vogue 1302, a Kay Unger pattern is lovely. I wouldn't mind having that fabric either!

And here's another nice color-blocking number (V8805).

I like this top pattern,V8816, as well.

Of course, while I am pleased as punch with some of the new patterns and can't wait for the ones above to arrive in my mailbox, I am baffled by several of the new ones. The first two dresses are fine - if you don't need a bra. If that works for you, go for it.

The strapless one needs to go back to the decade from whence it really has the potential to make for a droopy mess.

The grey thing with the model leaning against an invisible wall is just unattractive, but the last pattern really makes me cringe.

What can I say about that white number at the bottom of the stack? It looks like a hot mess; like the designer couldn't make up his/her mind - sleeves? gathered skirt? We'll just go half and half...all good? NO...of course, what makes this even more of a winner (loser) is the potential to go wrong with no bra (check out that back), white fabric on the sample, skin tightness in places. Even better? You can also choose a different place to stick your head through. No, that doesn't work either. Will the madness ever stop?

So go get yourself some new patterns - don't worry...these last few are all still waiting because I sure didn't get them!

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