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Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter smocking

I got ambitious and decided to make "Easter Parade" from Australian Smocking and Embroidery No. 74 for Gracie's Easter dress this year. Luckily, my spring break started this afternoon, and I did most of what you see here since I got home. I *think* I can get it done. I will get it done, but what was I thinking???

The completed dress should look like this:

I keep telling myself that once I get the smocking done, the actual embroidery will go quickly. Never mind that smocking the bodice is 26 rows pleated.

Since I don't have to get up and go teach hormonal 7th graders tomorrow, I plan to stay up another hour or so until I can get the bottom section (which matches the top part I have done so far) completed.


  1. This is looking gorgeous - can't wait to see it all finished 'in a few days'...

  2. This dress is going to be amazing!! I can't wait to see the finished product!