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Friday, April 20, 2012

Batting 2 out 3...

1. Simplicity 2466 - Daisy least for now - going into the closet for 2-3 years until she grows. This is supposed to be a top and while the length is slightly long, it is HUGE around the shoulders.

2. Ottobre 1-2008-18 "Jigsaw" pinafore!

Alice in Wonderland appliques, fun fabric and details - this was a blast to sew. Check out that Cheshire cat - smile on front, but full on the back!

3. Finally - Little Londyn's "Posh Pixie" pattern - in progress in this first image -  for a test fit

I added pre-cut chiffon bunched and rolled into trim.

My husband thought the chiffon roll was toilet paper. I told him if he used it as such it would be the most expensive a$$-wipe of his life.

I finished this after she went to bed, so I had employ an alternate model to take pictures: Winston, our 23lb, size 5T cat.

This and the Alice outfit just need coordinating shorts. The neon green fabric seen in the background of the last photo is going to become shorts for the Little Mermaid look.


  1. Your daughter is adorable, but the CAT!!!!! On my gosh! That was my laugh of the week!

  2. I have heard that the Big 4 patterns for toddlers & kids run wide; I know others I've read will go with a small size then extend the length if needed for the Big 4. I think the cat needs more dress up items ;-) really cute!

  3. The cat is a star and how cooperative of him! Love the dresses. I made that dress for GD who lives in UK and made her a 4 but 5 length as she is a long tube. She loves the twirl factor.

  4. Love the toilet paper story, I'm definitely sharing that one!