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Thursday, June 28, 2012

First project on the new machine & a new leo for Gracie

Molly inspects the "Sewing Catty' organizer and pincushion that my mom made with the new Project Runway sewing machine. I think it turned out pretty cute and we had fun testing out the machine.

I sewed along on my machine (mostly) and this is my version of the project:

There are two weight pouches inside the bottom of the "catty" to keep it upright when you put supplies in the pockets.
The fabrics are coordinates from "Calypso" by Maywood Studios. This is a really pretty line. I still have a lot left, so this fabric will get some use for Gracie most likely.

Winston didn't have much interest in the mouse pincushion - just as well - but then I didn't stuff it with catnip!

Last night I sewed up a leotard for Gracie (cheating and using a swimsuit pattern from the 3/2011 Ottobre). It was the right cut for a leo, so why not?

I cut it one size larger than her usual size so she'd have some growth room. It's slightly baggy in the behind, but not too bad.

She is loving gymnastics and the first leo I made her this winter is actually getting too small - I think she had a little growth spurt! Of course, that will be perfect for Disney - making her just tall enough to ride the 44" req. rides (which is almost everything...). She's super excited about that!

Tonight, I am taking the new machine over to my mom's house and we will try out the embroidery setting. That should be fun.

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