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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Boy-wear with character

We have just over three weeks until we head to visit the Mouse and I am having lots of fun making custom outfits for our trip. Today, I am focusing on my boys!

I have 5 shirts in some state of progress: a black and grey soccer jersey which will be embellished with Disney-fied Star Wars designs on the front and back, a black and grey stripe short sleeve hoodie  t-shirt (lined with a yellow argyle) that will have Wall*E on it, a brown/orange/aqua Phineas & Ferb - themed shirt, a Finding Nemo shirt in three shades of blue, and a soccer shirt color-blocked with Goofy's green/aqua/orange, and black palette which will feature a design of the Goof himself flipped over.

So far, Nemo is the most complete. I stitched the color-blocked body pieces together, slightly altering the construction order for the shirt, so I could lay out the characters where I wanted them. For the applique fabrics, I am using a variety of batiks from charm packs - really handy for boy-themed appliques. I love using Michael Miller's Fairy Frost charm squares for my daughter's things, but that doesn't work well for most boy designs.

The sleeves for this shirt are light blue for the right sleeve and medium aqua blue for the left, so that they blend into the design well.

This is the color-blocked front and solid back of the Phineas and Ferb. As I type, Phineas, Ferb & Candice are stitching out on the front. Dr. Doofenschmertz, Perry and "Curse you, Perry the Platypus!" will be on the back. I think this will be a really fun shirt.

This is the Goofy shirt ready to be stitched on. The body will be Goofy green with black near the shoulders, a blue collar, and orange sleeves.

I can do all three of these shirts with aqua blue thread in the serger. Then I will switch over to black for the other two shirts. I still have plenty of pre-Disney sewing to go. I find it a ton of fun, but I think I bit off a pretty big project.

Luckily, all my sewing provides entertainment for my felines. Skippy is upstairs but Molly (fun size) and Winston (super size) seem to be having a good time lounging while I work!

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  1. Cute shirts-in-progress. I like the color combinations. You're sure giving your embroidery machine a workout! Is that the new Otto? I haven't had a subscription for the last year or so. But I still end up buying many of the issues...