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Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's finally here!

The cats were very curious...

Why are there clothes all over the living room?

She left me a pillow!

We are about to leave for Walt Disney World...I managed to make AT LEAST one thing for every member of my family for every day we are at Disney (either embroidered and/or sewn). Maybe when I get back I will be able to wrap my head around a final count of what I did by looking through pictures (of which there are likely to be many!). For the moment, I will leave you with this image as a thought:

Disney by Design...this is what crazy looks like.
One of the very last things I made was a set of drawstring backpacks. Here's a look at Gracie enjoying hers - and filled with a handful of her favorite things to take along.


  1. Have a safe trip. Wave as you pass Daytona, and holler if you want any non-Disney advice!

  2. Have a safe journey and a magical holiday!

    I picked up your blog from the Disboutiquers forum on The Dis earlier this year and am having fun living vicariously. :)

    Life has gotten in the way of WDW visits, so it's likely to be 2015 before we visit again. The last one was December, 2007! Talk about withdrawal!

    I hope you'll share your holiday with us. Enjoy!


  3. Looks like you and family are going to have fun... Praying for a safe trip.. Love all the clothes you made for the trips.

  4. So thrilled for you- i have 70 days until our trip- I need to get sewin'! Have a great could you not?