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Saturday, February 9, 2013

A lined jacket (Simplicity 2284)

 I picked up this lovely boucle fabric a couple of years ago when I visited A Fabric Place (Aka Michael's Fabrics) in Baltimore. I have been hesitant to use it (I'm not sure why), but finally, I took the plunge and made up Simplicity 2284 with the fabric (including lining and buttons) that I purchased on that trip. The trim is from a visit to G Street fabrics last summer.
I went with view C since I did not have a coordinating zipper (nor did I wish to buy one), plus, I know I don't care if this is totally buttoned. I really like how the button loop closure at the top looks.
The jacket is a great fit thanks to a cup size pattern - makes it much quicker to adjust (and less adjustment needed). I also like the length of the jacket.
The lining was not too hard to insert. I hand stitched the sleeve and jacket hems to the lining pieces.

One of the other details I really liked was the faux welt pockets at the upper chest (but high enough to not be a boob issue). The lower pockets on the front are practical, and the bias cut sleeve hems and pockets give it a little extra flair.

This is definitely a nice classic piece for my wardrobe.


  1. Looks super on you - the buttons at the top are a nice feature! Great sewing...J

  2. Thats sharp! I envy you for being able to wear yellow so well!

  3. It looks nice. I think you did a good job!