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Monday, October 21, 2013

All-star cheer girl...custom tumbling wear!

 This is Gracie...and she is WAAAY into cheer. In addition to doing gymnastics, she also tumbles with a terrific all-star cheer gym. (She doesn't do the team this year - that's on the agenda for next year though.)

This little stinker has earned her bow for mastering a back walkover and is on her way to getting her back handspring. She can do it on her own if the coach is spotting her!

She is also totally impressed with the cheerleaders at the middle school wear I teach (and they think she is adorable!), so she was very excited when I let her get a bow to match the big girls (and a t-shirt too!).

Since she goes to the cheer gym twice a week all year, I wanted her to have something slightly warmer than the sports bras she has been wearing since April.

I took Jalie 2792, a leotard pattern, and made the top portion of the leo - cutting it off at the lengthen-shorten line and finishing it with elastic like I do her sports bras.

The shorts are Jalie 3022, and like the top, they are made with navy & gold spandex.

I think she looks pretty cute. The problem is SHE KNOWS IT!


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