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Thursday, November 28, 2013

The cat (well, really the Mouse) is out of the bag!

I have been sewing like crazy, but except for a couple of tumbling outfits for Gracie, I haven't posted anything because sometimes my oldest son reads my blog...and the sewing was part of a surprise for him and his siblings. I am taking my kids to Disney World (along with my mom - DH prefers to stay home this time which is fine with me if he wouldn't be happy). We are leaving Saturday and they just found out today. (Yep, I pulled them out of school for a week!)

I stitched out a lot of shirts, plus made a bunch of cute outfits for my six year old and jackets for all of us. We won't want them during the day, but since it gets cooler when the sun goes down, these will be nice to have.

I used Fairytale Pattern's Irelynn dress for the Duffy bear dress and Sophia Stripwork for the Disney Fairies dress.

The Pooh dress is Henrika by Farbenmix, and Farbenmix's Sasha is the "Around the World" themed dress.

The Aristocats outfit is two Ottobre pieces (top = 04-2012-31, skirt = 04-2006-27) and McCall's 6785 leggings.

I also made her Simplicity - I added extra panels (by dividing the original ones) to use more contrast fabric coordinates). The Disney princesses are dressed for winter on the front.

Gracie's jacket is McCall's 6782. She loves Minnie Mouse and Tink so I found some great embroidery for it.

For my boys, I went with some Ottobre jackets - my two big guys got 04-2012-37.
On the back of both of them is the "What happens at Disney, stays at Disney" embroidery.

For Benjamin, I made 04-2007-28 which has a zipper in one of the raglan seams. He loves the really old Disney cartoons so Steamboat Willy is on the front and Oswald the lucky rabbit is on the back.

My mom got McCall's 5538 in two pretty shades of teal.

I made myself Butterick 5821, but since it didn't have a hood, I added one from another pattern. My favorite piece of embroidery is the little sewing mouse from Cinderella - very fitting!

I also made myself a bag to take along. I drafted it from a book called Handbag Designer 101. It's a barrel shaped back with a large exterior pocket that will fit park brochures, plus tow end zippered pockets - one of the inside and one of the outside.

You can change up how you wear it and go cross-body, shoulder bag, or even backpack style. I used some neon thread on the Disney Geek and 4 parks, 1 world embroidery.

I've also embroidered loads of cute t-shirts, but now I need to pack them because our car is rolling out early Saturday morning!


  1. Have a great trip! Disney is so magical :D I love that your bag can be a backpack too. We pursed it the first day but then realized a backpack was much more manageable. What a great time to go to disney!!!

  2. Have fun.. and what adorable dresses you have made.. And love the boys jackets too..

  3. Have a great time! No one is going to have outfits like you (should be easy to spot the kids in the crowd too).

  4. Wow, what great garments (and bag) you've "whipped" up. Your kids are darn lucky. Have a great trip!

  5. Yay! It's beautiful this time of year and I just love seeing mousers in their better than the park stores finery!!!