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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The growing pile

I just can't do things on a small scale. I dropped off my entries for the local county fair today - I had 26 of them (all separate categories, of course). Nobody seemed to want to get in line behind me and my laundry basket piled high of sewn entries. Now I get to wait until Tuesday to see how many winners there are! There is a cash prize for each ribbon and I could walk away with over $100 if I am lucky.

I also can't cut fabric on a small scale. I started cutting items for Gracie's fall wardrobe yesterday. I have lost count of the final tally, but I have a fairly large shopping bag FULL of cut patterns & fabric. My plan is to do embroidered embellishments while I tackle grading papers (a necessary evil in the life of a teacher). Then I can sew the items based on thread/needle changes in my machines. That does make things more efficient and there is a bit of a color story running through the clothes. Gracie will be wearing a lot of bright pinks, brown, oranges, purple, and golden yellow with some turquoise thrown in.

So, now, I just need to get motivated to clean up the area around my sewing machine. I had to cover everything hastily as we had some unexpected ceiling drips in its vicinity last night thanks to my children not being proficient toilet flushers. Hopefully, that stage will pass soon.

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