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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Satin and roses

Friends, this is what I have done all day (or at least 5 hours worth of it):
I have been stitching out what will be five roses on the front of the skirt of a satin dress I am making for Gracie to wear at the local county fair's petite miss pageant. I have to confess that I am entering her in the pageant because I wanted an excuse to make a fantastic dress, but she was very into the idea as well. She likes to strut should be fun. I may enter the dress in the state fair as well the following month.
I am using the straps from the top with the dress. I appliqued a piece of embroidered organza on the top band after deciding to switch up from my original plan of using the organza as an overlay. I have shiny, soft glitter tulle to use for a pettiskirt under the dress. I think it will be really pretty on her.
Of course, I am a biased mommy and any dress I make her will only be gilding the lily. ;-)
For the pattern, I am using "Summer Separates" by Sew Beautiful. 

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