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Saturday, September 24, 2011

My princess and the fair

This is Gracie wearing the dress I made for her pageant. This is also how she wore her hair at the pageant...I refused to go for the Toddlers and Tiaras look that a number of the girls had. Did she win? No. Did she have the most beautiful and original dress? You bet. Was she the only little girl that listed "computers" among her hobbies? Sure was. Did she get compliments on how cute she was? Of course

...but most importantly, she had confidence in font of an audience and did better than her brothers did in public situations at that age. Poise and confidence matter. I know she felt pretty because "Mommy made mine" as far as the dress goes.

These are just a few of the little girls in the pageant, but I don't need a judge to tell me which girl is always the queen of my heart.

You can see her looking out and not being fussy about her appearance or nervous about the large gathering of people. That's my girl!

(And I do think that dress is darn nice!)

Here are a few more fair highlights:
I had every intention of entering the NC State Fair, but due to some crazy-busy-ness at my job, I didn't get to it in time. Oh well!

I have sewn up 4 (now almost 5) garments from "the pile" since 10pm last night. I'm off to do some scrapbooking this evening and then hit some more sewing tomorrow.


  1. What a cute dress! Your daughter looks adorable. Congratulations on all your winning ribbons from the fair.

  2. She definitely has the best looking dress (: And I agree, seeing her natural cuteness is preferable to "done up", especially at that age.

    Congratulations on your fair entries!

  3. she is definitely the most age appropriately dressed! She looks so pretty! Confidence is so important for young girls these days!