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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Jalie 2796 is the cutest running skort this side of Athleta! And since I refuse to pay what Athleta charges for their stuff, this makes me extra happy. Even better? The pattern goes all the way down to my daughter's size (and below to a 2T!).

I made myself a running skort with a coordinating top (from Ottobre Woman 2-2008-4) and Gracie's cotton-lycra combo is so cute for her to wear to cheerleading practice (check out that print!). 

Her top is also from Ottobre Magazine (summer 2011 issue).

I think I will make a couple more of these for both of us.


  1. Nice active wear and the combination of the tops and running skorts are good.

  2. I have that Jalie pattern and have been staring at it for months....terrified to dig in and go for it! I love wearing running skorts for Roller Derby and keep imagining all the sparkly fun fabrics I could use!! Was it a pretty simple design? Or overly complicated?