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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

X-back to the future

My girlie in action!

I have been working on a new prototype crop top/sports bra based on an X-back leotard and I'm excited about how cute this turned out. I also was able to add a monogram (I used Designsbyjuju's bean stitch monogram).  One of the other moms from the gym made the bow (It says "This beauty is a beast.") and when I saw that it was from the same fabric, I had to get it - perfect match and I didn't have to fool with making one.

She wore this to the gym today and said it was very comfortable. I'm working on how to do this for a girl who might need more support in the top than my seven year old. I ordered some spandex spacer fabric, so I'm excited to try that out.

I also embroidered this cute design I found on a t-shirt for her: "Forget the glass slippers - this princess wears cheer shoes." 

I am listing this outfit as a customizable design on my Etsy shop.

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