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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Turning pro

I have had people ask me about whether I do custom sewing for several years, but I just have not felt I had the right product to offer in terms of a fair market price that would be worth my time (and without the market being over-saturated). I figured it out, though: cheer & gymnastics gear. I think I could sew tumbling shorts in my sleep at this point, plus I have a wide range of sample items and a ton of fabric (plus a REALLY adorable little model).

I already have one sample item listed with much more to come: Flippin' Cute Cheer Gear

Here's my latest. It's a crop top version of Jalie 3354 and the shorts from Jalie 3247 with a custom cheer bow to match.

I have a lot more of this awesome red fabric!

Here's the latest way to clean your ceiling fan...


  1. Adorable. outfit and model.. Best wishes with your selling.

  2. Good luck to you; what a great idea! :)

  3. The outfit is adorable. I can really see people buying them, considering what's available for sale out there.