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Monday, May 26, 2014

Ready for the pool

I always dread buying a swimsuit - not because my body isn't exactly bikini-ready (it isn't...whatever), but because when your bra size goes pretty far up the alphabet, getting a top that fits is horrendously difficult.
This year, I am determined to conquer that problem. I went with Simplicity 1374 and did an FBA by increasing the size of the bodice piece. I also changed the halter straps to a cross back and sewing the bodice lining to an internal elastic band (the kind meant for the bottom of a bra) to make an internal bra for this.

The bottom is Jalie 3023. Luckily, that was quick, easy, and no fitting issues!

The coverup is also from Simplicity 1374. It is made from a heavy raspberry-colored terry cloth and monogrammed on the front wrap piece. I didn't have wide-enough FOE for the straps, so I used strips of ITY knit the same way.


  1. This looks great!

  2. I to am busty and I actually sewed an old bra into a swimsuit. I just love it. It's the first swimsuit I've had since I was 14 that was comfortable and I don't feel over exposed. I don't know what it took me so long to make a swimsuit. But it works wonderfully for a big bust. Your swimsuit looks great.

  3. Your suit looks great! Your FBA turned out perfect. I can relate to having trouble finding suits that fit (sort of). As a pear shape I can never get one to fit on bottom if it fits on top and vice versa. :)

  4. Nice work - it looks great on you! You're such a fast sewer, I imagine it took you less time that going to the store to try on suits. I've loved the Jalie swimskirt for my girls, but it turned out weirdly short on the version I made for myself. I ordered their newest swimshorts, so we'll see how that turns out.

  5. Thanks so much for your review on PR along with your photos. After spending HOURS online trying to figure out what to try (do they think everyone is a B or C?) thanks to you I have a plan!