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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Cheer Gear

Since Gracie is at the cheer gym 3-4 nights a week now, I have an excuse to play with Lycra and Jalie patterns some more!

This outfit is made from three Jalie patterns:

The sports bra is from Jalie 2563. I added FOE (fold-over elastic) to trim the edges.

The skirt is from Jalie 3023 with the boy shorts from Jalie 2796 underneath it (attached). This was a Frankenpattern of a swimsuit bottom from the tankini pattern with a short that had more coverage.

I made the cheer bow myself. I got 3 inch wide grosgrain ribbon and use Heat N- Bond Lite to attach the lycra to two 18 inch pieces of ribbon. The bow is sewn together securely and finished with 3/8 inc black ribbon at the knot. I sewed it to the elastic band as well (without going through the elastic).

1 comment:

  1. So cute...Both Gracie and the cheer outfit.. Great idea on the bow.