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Sunday, February 13, 2011


I found some gorgeous velour fabric at FabricMart a few months ago and decided it would be perfect to make into a robe for my mom. She likes those really long, zipper front, housecoat-type robes, and velour was the perfect fabric for it.

I didn't have the right pattern in my stash, so I decided to Frankenpattern this:

It's an out-of-print McCall's (5589) with a tucked, loose-fitting bodice. I had purchased it early in my sewing experience thinking it would be very easy to make fit. In fact, I ended up not ever making it because I realized it would be unflatteringly big. So, it languished in my stash.

Fast-forward to this project: it occurred to be that this would be an excellent shape for the type of robe my mom likes. I lengthened view B by about 24 inches (using the lengthen/shorten line). The sleeves on the pattern have tucks , but it made the pieces exceptionally large for the remaining fabric (I had 3 yards of the velour.) so I tucked the pattern piece and used that to transfer the registration marks and draft a new long sleeve pattern.

I followed the directions for construction, altering as needed to include a 30 inch robe zipper closing the body of the robe. It ended up being a slightly more stylish robe than some of the old lady style robes my mom likes. (Sorry, mom!)

I used up almost all of this wild print, but I did have enough left to make a pair of pajamas for little Gracie's doll.

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  1. Great and stylish (: robe. And I imagine the fabric is much nicer those you'd find in store bought robes of that genre.

    I can see some of Gracie in your mom.