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Friday, February 4, 2011

I want to be a kid again and have myself for a mommy.

This is what I have made for my boys:
They have a twin over full bed. There is an additional twin bed in the other part of their room, so when they share that lower bunk, it is by choice.

When I saw this fun striped fabric at Ikea, I decided to buy it for the purpose of making a bed tent. It comes in 3 yard pieces for $9 - great deal when you need almost 9 yards which is what I ended up using. The yellow ties are from a piece of el cheapo yellow woven I got at an outlet. So, for about $20, my kids have a super fun hiding space.
I added ribbon loops and sandwiches of Velcro to hold the flaps open, but the kids seem to like it best closed. I know that would have been my preference as a kid. Gracie likes to play in it, too.

Gracie's new bed finally arrived. (We ordered it on Black Friday - a two month wait.) Once she's had a little time to get used to keeping her toys neat in the area underneath it, I have fabric to make a tent for this bed so it will be like a little playhouse under there.

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