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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Methadone list, aka what to do when sewing time gets hijacked and you need a fix

You know about Methadone? They give it to heroin addicts suffering withdrawal symptoms to help bring them down. Sometimes I need a little sewing Methadone. Today was one of those days. My house is a wreck - DD's bed was delivered without the extenders to make it a loft, crazy uncle's apartment remains have overtaken things downstairs, and the kids have spread toys like a virus.

Here are the things I do when I really want to just dive into a big project but I can't:

1. Surf the web for inspiration of things I want to make.

2. Shop online (embroidery designs, fabric, patterns - any of it)

3. Make lists of future projects

4. Paw through fabric tubs just because I need to handle the material

5. Re-read pattern magazines

6. Stitch on towels/blanks on my embroidery machine

7. Blog ;-)

Number two can be pricey if I'm not careful, but often I fill a cart and dump it before committing. I try not to impulse buy too much.

What do you do? What's your favorite substitute sewing fix?

I actually stitched out a t-shirt for Benjamin today while cleaning up my home office.

If the Fed Ex people stop by tomorrow with the rest of Gracie's bed, that should precipitate a domino effect that might facilitate some sewing. Please let it be.

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  1. Ha! I do all those things, except my "embroidery machine" is attached to my right arm. My emergency hobbies, good for their portability, are knitting and hand quilt piecing (all the supplies fit nicely in a plastic shoebox for roadtrips).