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Friday, January 14, 2011

New Vogues - the good ones

Why, oh why isn't my serger ready??? (They need a part, but I am seriously needing my machine!). In the meantime, I am enjoying the new Vogues.

First up, this Donna Karan (V1219) dress is stunning:

This dress (V1222) is cute, but I wonder about the odd insert across the bust:

If I were a teen, I would so want this dress by Rebecca Taylor. It's adorable, but it's not for a mom of four who's pushing 40.

V1221 is a good dress for me, however. I'm glad to see a nice selection of things that will flatter a larger bust.

If I had a fancy spring affair to attend, I'd like V1231, a Belville Sassoon design.

This wardrobe pattern looks pretty versatile:

I like the lines of this KAtheRine Tilton top:

I'm undecided about these pants by Marci Tilton. I think I like them, but I'm not sure...

Now, for a nice surprise - we have nice menswear! V8719 - pants and sportcoat - maybe DH will get lucky.

Of course, there are a few strange picks in the lot as well, but we'll leave those for another post. ;-)

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