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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Obsessed? And so what if I am?

My serger is back home - finally! Two weeks of withdrawal and fabric cutting left me with a shocking amount of fabric cut and ready to sew, a lot of said fabric embellished with my embroidery machine. I did one project with just my sewing machine:

Gracie had a chance to spend the morning with the high school cheerleaders and she was in little girl heaven! I made her this little navy skirt which the picture doesn't do justice to. See, it's actually made reversible thanks to cutting a second skirt in a bright gold knit similar to the navy knit (colors match both the HS and the MS where I teach). I also grabbed a pair of her undies and drafted a quick pattern for navy cheer bloomers to go under it. It worked out really well because when she was cheering with the big girls when I came to pick her up from the event, sure enough, her little skirt ended up flipped up.

I also had a different shirt in mind. I cut a basic white tee from Ottobre 4-2004 (which has the same patterns that ended up in the creative workshop pack) and chose a design from Stitch on Time that looked perfect for my girl:

Of course, there was a small glitch. I had to wait for the file to be emailed. It wasn't instant download. So, the morning of the event, I finally got the design in my inbox and transferred it to my USB. When I pulled it up in the machine, it said 76 minutes. I said, "oh crap!" because clearly I would not make this project happen in the hour I had before we had to go. Gracie was pretty cool about it since she had her skirt and a gold t-shirt that looked good with it.

After the cheer event, I took her with me to pick up the serger and do a little shopping. When we got home, I started into the pile of unsewn stuff. First up, I decided to clear an easy project, a dolly outfit. This poor dolly only came with a diaper and a bath towel and the diaper has sort of disappeared. I hate for her to land in the realm of nakie-babies, so I used some leftover fabric from cutting a dress for Gracie to make this:

Disclaimer: the doll's eyes aren't really that creepy; it's the flash.

Dolly's outfit will match Gracie's dress (that I will probably sew up today):

I got both of the appliques I used from Designs by Juju. I wouldn't normally applique for a doll, but it was a good practice piece. I love how the fish in the applique are such a terrific match for the Fabric Finders print I used.

Once I had dolly clothed, I stitched up a simple bag I had cut and ready to sew from this fabric:

I have a second one ready to sew from this:

Both the birdies and the alphabet are also Designs by Juju.

Of course, I didn't stop there, I stitched together a striped tee I had embroidered to match a new skirt for Gracie, and I sewed up a simple 70's-ish dress for  her too.

After church, I plan to spend the rest of the day having quality time with my machines...maybe I'll even get around to finishing this:

It's going to be a decorative pillow for my daughter's new big-girl bed which is being delivered on Thursday morning.

More reviews and pictures to come later today as I make up for lost sewing time...


  1. I'm not the least bit surprised you are going nuts with your serger now ... what I am surprised about is you've taken a break to tell everyone! LOL Happy serging!

  2. LOL - I was eating breakfast while I blogged. Gotta multi-task!!